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Widgets are now defunct features of the former Habbo Home Pages which enabled certain types of data to be displayed on a user's page, as well as various interactions from other players. Until the removal of Widgets during 2015 as part of a UI change, eight different types were available with eight different designs possible to choose from.

Prior to the removal in 2015, Widgets were briefly deactivated in June 2012 until August of the same year, due to scandals surrounding moderation issues (contextually, the Guestbook) highlighted by Channel 4.

A well-known "Easter Egg" featuring Widgets occurred when a user double-clicked an avatar's nose in the My Profile Widget - this would cause all Stickers and Widgets to fly around the screen.

List of Designs

Six designs were available for normal users, eight for Habbo Club users:

  • Default
  • Golden
  • Metal
  • Notepad
  • Post-it
  • Speech Bubble
  • HC Pillow
  • HC Scientific

All of the designs available can be viewed in the Gallery at the bottom of this page.

List of Widgets

Name Image Function Additional Info
Badges & Achievements
Widget badge.png
Displayed all Badges and Achievement Badges that a user had acquired. Originally the Widget only displayed Badges, but was updated to include Achievements during September 2008.
Allowed users to leave messages on other players' Home Pages. Featured as part of the moderation scandal due to the abusive and sexual messages users were receiving via the Guestbook.
My Friends
Displayed a list of the user's friends with links to said friends' Home Pages. Originally one of the only ways of finding out the join date of a user who didn't have that information on their page.
My Groups
Displayed a list of the user's owned/joined groups and allowed players to favourite groups, as well as view descriptions of them. This was originally the only method of favouriting a group.
My Profile
Displayed a brief overview of the user; including their join date, online status, motto, appearance, badges they were wearing and tags. Also allowed the user to add tags to themselves, but scarcely used as this was possible in-client.
My Rating
Allowed users to rate another player's page out of 5, as well as displaying the average vote and how many people voted 4 Stars+. The page owner could reset all votes which would start the rating back from 2.5 Stars.
My Rooms
Displayed a list of the user's created rooms as well as a link to such rooms. N/A
Allowed players to listen to music from the user's Trax collection. Became defunct from April 2011 onwards due to the change from Shockwave to Flash.