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Release date: April 2015
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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Next Campaign:
Army Bootcamp

Candyland, also known as SweetTown, was the theme for the furniture released during the Easter campaign in 2015. Unlike previous years, not all of the furniture was available to buy from the shop as some of it was only available through room bundles and Builders Club. The theme revolved around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with chocolate themed furniture items and a new pet released, the Obbah Wobbahs as a reference to the Oompa Loompas in the film.



Name Image Name Image
Wafer Block Wafer Wall
Pink Gum Drop Seat Yellow Gum Drop Seat
Blue Gum Drop Seat Chocolate Stick Roof
Laffy Taffy Tree Green Frosting Grass
Cake Block Vanilla Wafer Gate
Strawberry Wafer Gate Popsicle Tree
Hard Candy Pavement Chocolate Rocks
Pocky Stick Forest Sugarscape Wall
Bubblegum Floor Orange Soda Candy Table
Candycane Pillar


Name Image Badge
Bubblegum Fountain
Lollipop Tree
Candy Throne
Magical Candy Unicorn

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Marshmallow Bunny
Hard Candy Bunny
Melting Mint Chocolate Bunny
Dark Chocolate Bunny
White Chocolate Bunny

Room Bundles

Candy Couture

New clothing were released as part of the campaign. Thirteen new clothing items were released and all could be obtained from the shop. The prices for the clothing ranged from 2-18 Credits. As with all purchasable clothes, they must be activated in a room before you can wear them.

Name Image
Candy Girl Outfit
Candy Boy Outfit
Obbah Wobbah Hair
Collared Jumper
Swirly Top
Swirly Skirt
Chocolate Drop Hat
Side Hat
Double Cherries
Cherry Bomb
Puffy Shorts
Chocolate Jersey
Candy Headphones