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Release date: December 2010
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Freeze is a spin-off game from the original Snowstorm game (introduced when Snowstorm was removed in 2009) which is played in Guest Rooms. There is a selection of Achievements which users can earn from playing Freeze. The Freeze game was released on December 15, 2010.


The objective of the game is for a player to freeze their opponents and be the last person/team standing in the arena. The rules are simple; Habbos choose a team out of the colours available (which are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) and then to defeat the opposing team/teams, Habbos must double click on the tile they are are stood on to throw a snowball in the air. When the snowball returns to the tile, a freeze blast is shot from that position, freezing opponents in its way. Be wary of where you're throwing from though, because the freeze blast can also freeze the player themselves - the attacker must get out of the way quickly to avoid it! To earn power-ups, players must smash the ice blocks by throwing a snowball near its position. Not all ice blocks have power-ups inside of them, but a large number will do in each game. Players have 3 lives and when those lives are up they are out. Players then continue to play like this until there is only one person/team standing: they are then considered to be the winner.


Freeze Fighter


To complete this achievement a player must freeze X amount of Habbos from the opposite team to level up their badge. A player can freeze other Habbos by playing Freeze in the same arena, but more popularly by boosting their scores with a friend. This achievement usually takes a while to complete, as a player must freeze 2,000 Habbos in total to reach level 20.

Ultimate Freeze Quest


To complete this achievement, a player must find Freeze-related furni and play some Freeze games. There were 29 quests in total. For every third quest a player finishes, they gained one level, which gained them a new badge and Pixels.

Freeze Winner


In this achievement a player has to win a game of Freeze in order to gain points for their badge to go up. For every level the badge goes up, the longer it will take to reach the next level. There are a total of 20 levels.

Freeze Player


To complete this achievement a player must simply play freeze. To complete this achievement quickly, players usually invite friends to their room with Freeze equipment and repeatedly set the timer for a minute. There are also 20 levels in this achievement.

Freeze Power-Upper


In the game of Freeze, players are able to get power ups. To get these power ups, a player must break ice blocks by breaking them with their snow balls, similarly to how to freeze another Habbo. To complete this achievement, a player must collect X amount of power ups, depending on what level the badge is on. This achievement can be gained without any other Habbos present, but usually takes a long time. 96100 Freeze Power-Ups must be obtained to complete this achievement.

Power-Ups Available
Image Name Usage
Freeze XBlast.png X-Blast Power-up If a player throws a snowball after collecting the X-Blast power-up, everyone that stands diagonal of where the player threw the snowball will be affected (in an X shape).
Freeze BiggerBomb.png Bigger Bomb Power-up Hits a longer row of tiles.
Freeze MorePower.png More Power Power-up Let a player throw two snowballs at a time. The effect can be doubled if a player grabs more of these power ups.
Freeze MegaSnowball.png Mega Snowball Power-up Affects a larger area of tiles.
Freeze Shield.png Shield Power-up Gives the player invincibility for a short period of time.
Freeze ExtraLife.png Extra Life Gives the player an extra life.


There is a selection of furniture that is available in the Habbo catalogue for users to be able to create their Freeze arenas in their own rooms. Some parts can also be found in the Builders Club catalogue.

Name Image
Freeze counter.gif
Freeze Tile
Freeze tile.png
Freeze Ice Block
Freeze box.png
Freeze Geyser
Freeze geyser.png
Exit Tile
Freeze exit.gif
Freeze Gate
Freeze gates.png

Freeze Score Board
Freeze counter.png