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Release date: July 2008
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Diner range was first released in Denmark (only a limited range) in July 2008, and was rolled out across more hotels later that same day. The windows were released in Holland on the same day. It has been in and out of the Catalogue over the years, and despite being named as a 'permanent fixture' after the Merge, left shortly afterwards.

The Diner Poster is the rarest item in the range. On June 14th 2013, the poster was re-released as a competition prize during a campaign about the Habbo Diner and a virus being let loose within. All the bots working in the diner came down with an illness and users were given the chance to win the Le Diner poster by guessing how many viruses were found within each bot. This lasted for 3 days with 3 posters being given away each day. This did lead to a slight drop in the price of the poster but it still holds a relatively high value.


Name Image
Diner Rug Diner rug.png
Diner Poster (also known as Le Diner) Diner poster.png
Diner Shaker Diner shaker.png
Empty Plate Diner tray 1.png
Plate With Hamburger Diner tray 2.png
Plate With Steak Diner tray 3.png
Plate With Spaghetti Diner tray 4.png
Plate With Pancakes Diner tray 5.png
Plate With Bacon Diner tray 6.png
Ketchup and Mustard  Diner tray 7.png
Plate With Milkshakes Diner tray 8.png
Diner Wall Table Diner walltable.png
Large Window Diner window big.png
Diner Window Small Diner window small.png


The other furni in the Diner range was released in July/August 2008 and is recoloured into 10 colours, aqua, latte, black, blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow and mint.

Name Image
(Insert colour here) Bar Diner-Bars.gif
(Insert colour here) Corner Diner-Corners.gif
(Insert colour here) Gate Diner-Gates.gif
(Insert colour here) Register Diner-Registers.gif
(Insert colour here) Gum Machine Diner-Gumball-Machines.gif
(Insert colour here) Sofa 1 Diner-Sofa1.gif
(Insert colour here) Sofa 2 Diner-Sofa2.gif
(Insert colour here) Stool Diner-Barstools.gif
(Insert colour here) Booth Table Diner-Booth-Tables.gif
(Insert colour here) Table Diner-Tables.gif