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Dance Menu

Dance is one of the current on-client features available for players on Habbo. Users can enable dancing through selecting their avatar, and choosing the Dance Menu. There is currently four dances available for use, although some may be locked if the player is not a member of Habbo Club.

If the player is a member of Habbo Club, this enables the ability to select the additional three dances on the menu, as well as the use of the Chat Command :Habnam.

The Dances

Dance (Non-HC) Pogo Mogo (HC) Duck Funk (HC) The Rollie (HC)
Dance (Non-HC) Pogo Mogo (HC) Duck Funk (HC) The Rollie (HC)
If you like to get crazy on the dance floor, I suggest you try this move! Put your hands up and jump the night away! If you can waddle around the dance floor, you have moves! If you have good shoulders and fast feet, this move is great for you!