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Release date: March 2015
Available from: Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Ancient Japan
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Neo-Habbo is a furniture line released on March 4, 2015. The line follows a cyberpunk theme; a sub-genre of science fiction that describes the world in future where technology is advanced. The line brought nineteen new furniture items into the hotel and fifteen new Clothing outfits.

The Neo-Habbo campaign was revisited five years later in September 2020 with the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign. Although it did not add new furniture to the regular furniture line, it brought ten new rare clothing items and two New Rares that fit the Neo-Habbo theme.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Neo-Habbo City Scape
Cyber Stage
Hover Traffic Lights
Acid Rain
Extractor Pipes
Cyber Road
Cyber Door
Cyber Bar
Search Lights
Cyber Table
Cyber Stool
Robo Junk
Hover Duck sign
Hover Turn Sign
Hover X Sign
Hover Skull Sign
Hover Arrow Sign
Cyber Building 2
Cyberpunk Building 1


Name Image Price Badge
Habbo Gun Vendor 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds
Overseer Blimp 70 Credits and 70 Diamonds
Electro-Sheep 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds

Bonus Rare

Name Image

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge


The campaign storyline followed a battle between two teams while working to defeat the Bot Master, who is a hacker that hacked into Habbo to create chaos. Users who wanted to take part were asked to choose whose side they wanted to be on, either the Special H Forces or the CyberPixels. They then, in their teams, completed games and mazes to help defeat the Bot Master.


Apocalyptic Android


  • enzuken123

Runners Up

  • VVV-RF
  • -AshKetchum-
  • GBsella
  • Puma
  • chidiva
  • tonythebear
  • PrinceTogepi
  • lucasrjthee
  • TheIrinaBlue

Dystopian GIF

This competition asked Habbos to recreate movies which show futuristic dystopian societies in a GIF format. The top three entries received a month of Builders Club subscription, and all winners received a Dystopian Flick Badge and a Hippo.

Top 3 Winners

  • chidiva
  • celsoSA
  • VVV-RF

Runners Up

  • Trammel
  • Pixierockstar
  • Usul
  • Hanna.Yeap
  • ronmelito
  • WithAllThatJunk

SciFi Room Competition

This competition asked Habbos to recreate a room or scene from their favourite SciFi film using the new furniture line.


  • Arva

Runners Up

  • sprite27
  • Usul
  • atalyn1804
  • finechane
  • Banned00
  • Undercover.
  • VVV-RF
  • -AshKetchum-
  • GBsella
  • Ronmelito
  • Myes
  • ossy99
  • PrinceTogepi
  • aceVentura94
  • ThroneRoom
  • Alexandr
  • habbolyfe
  • Melonaid

Cyperpunk Gossip

Top 10 Winners

  • cutielove!
  • 3476
  • seko.chan
  • Trammel
  • Satu
  • 00Fox
  • VVV-RF
  • Pixierockstar
  • Nuclide

Runners Up

  • BobbaBobbaBobbaBobba
  • mr.bryian
  • Crezzanator
  • Reece.
  • quirkyash
  • PrinceTogepi
  • God
  • travisnichole
  • DarrenShan20000
  • RhumaHazzet
  • LoveMayy,
  • JustFine
  • BrownEyedPearl
  • SmokeAlarm
  • Nayth
  • NickiLeah
  • ronmelito