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Release date: May 2011
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Anna range is a basic set of furniture which comes in five different colours: yellow, pink, green, blue and purple. Anna was released on 5th May 2011 alongside a small event in which users could win an 'Anna badge'. In the event, users had to fill out a poll to find out what colour suited them best and anyone who filled out the poll received the badge.

Each item of furniture differs in price due to it being a permanent range in the Catalogue. Upon the removal of rentable furniture that players could purchase with Duckets, Habbo changed the Anna Chair and the Anna Lamp price to 150 Duckets, as opposed to players paying Credits for them.


Name Image
Anna Chair
Anna Corner
Anna Gate
Anna Divider
Anna Blob
Anna Stool
Anna Lamp
Anna Sofa
Anna Table
Anna Rug