Stranded Jungle

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Stranded Jungle
Release date: June 2016
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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The Stranded Jungle was a campaign that ran through May and June 2016. It was conveniently also the name given to the new furniture line released at the time.

Growing your flowers

“We're also releasing the first species of Stranded Jungle flowers today! Different species of flower seeds come in different bundles, and need to be watered in order for them to bloom in different colours.

To grow your flower seeds, just use the Watering Can effect (also contained in the bundles) and double click on them until they bloom. Each time you grow them, there is a chance they will bloom in one of three colours – yellow, pink or blue. There is one exception, however: the Starflowers bloom in red instead of pink. If you want to grow your flowers again to get a different colour, simply water them and they will die and turn back into seeds!

NOTE: Every time you grow your flowers, there is also a chance they will grow into a Rafflesia. This particular species of plant CANNOT be grown again – once it's a Rafflesia it will be a Rafflesia forever. So, be careful!

Now it's time to get well and truly lost in the jungle!”



Name Image Name Image
Exotic Fruits Exotic Fruits.gif Survivor Storage SurvivorStorage.png
Suspended Bench SuspendedBench.png Ancient Kapok Tree Kapok1.png
Jungle Boombox JungleRadio.png Hanging Herbs HangingHerbs.png
Leafy Roof LeafyRoof.png Fuchsia Bush FuchsiaBush.png
Leafy Gate LeafyGateAnim.gif Bamboo Wall Bamboowall.gif
Jungle Fence JungleFence.png Firefly Lantern FireFlylantern.png
Jungle Floor Jungle Floor.png Scavenged Supplies Scavenged Supplies.gif
Bridge Section BridgeSection.png Bridge End BridgeEnd.png
Jungle Platform JunglePlatform.png Basalt Rock BasaltRockAnim.gif
Jungle Stairs JungleStairs.png Jungle Swamp JungleSwamp.png
Jungle Pond JunglePond.png Long Grass LongGrass.png
Jungle Table JungleTable.png Jungle Drum Plant JungleDrumPlant.png
Jungle Teleport Jungle c16 tele.png Strange Aura Jungle c16 ctrick.png


Name Image Badge
Betty the Sloth Betty the Sloth.png SJG00.gif
Jungle Pulley Jungle Pulley.png SJG02.gif
Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant.png SJG03.gif
Log Raft Log Raft.png SJG04.gif

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Badge
Charlie Charlie.gif SJG01.gif


The Stranded Jungle campaign was the second campaign Habbo's could use a Crafting Table, the Survivor's Workbench. But instead of making new furniture, they could recolor the Stranded Jungle catalogue furniture in the colors Pink or Blue using the Blue or Red Berries.

Double click the Survivor’s Workbench to open the Crafting Gizmo. Select which ingredients or recipes you want to use, then click 'Make it so!’. The Crafting Gizmo will only show ingredients that are in your inventory. Items shown in grey are not in your inventory.

NOTE: once you’ve used red or blue berries to dye your furni, they are consumed and you’ll have to acquire more berries to dye other items of your Stranded Jungle furni. You can get more of them from official games and activities, or from the Catalogue.

NOTE: once you’ve dyed an item of Stranded Jungle furni, you cannot change it back to its original state or dye it another colour.

Jungle c16 worktable.png
Name Image
Red Berries Jungle c16 berry.png
Blue Berries Jungle c16 berry2.png
Ingredients Name Image
SurvivorStorage.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Survivor's Storage Jungle c16 bkcase2.png
SurvivorStorage.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Survivor's Storage Jungle c16 bkcase3.png
SuspendedBench.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Suspended Bench Jungle c16 swingsofa2.png
SuspendedBench.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Suspended Bench Jungle c16 swingsofa3.png
LeafyRoof.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Leafy Roof Jungle c16 roof2.png
LeafyRoof.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Leafy Roof Jungle c16 roof3.png
Jungle c16 gate.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Leafy Gate Jungle c16 gate2.png
Jungle c16 gate.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Leafy Gate Jungle c16 gate3.png
Jungle c16 wall.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Bamboo Wall Jungle c16 wall2.png
Jungle c16 wall.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Bamboo Wall Jungle c16 wall3.png
Jungle c16 dvdr.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Jungle Fence Jungle c16 dvdr2.png
Jungle c16 dvdr.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Jungle Fence Jungle c16 dvdr3.png
Jungle c16 bridgemid.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Bridge Section Jungle c16 bridgemid2.png
Jungle c16 bridgemid.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Bridge Section Jungle c16 bridgemid3.png
Jungle c16 bridgeend.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Bridge End Jungle c16 bridgeend2.png
Jungle c16 bridgeend.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Bridge End Jungle c16 bridgeend3.png
Jungle c16 treestage.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Jungle Platform Jungle c16 treestage2.png
Jungle c16 treestage.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Jungle Platform Jungle c16 treestage3.png
Jungle c16 stairs.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Jungle Stairs Jungle c16 stairs2.png
Jungle c16 stairs.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Jungle Stairs Jungle c16 stairs3.png
Jungle c16 table.png + Jungle c16 berry.png Jungle Table Jungle c16 table2.png
Jungle c16 table.png + Jungle c16 berry2.png Jungle Table Jungle c16 table3.png

Room Bundles