Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year
Release date: October 2006
Season: Chinese New Year
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Chinese New Year is a range of furniture that primarily consists of statues and posters celebrating the Chinese New Year. It updates every year around January and February, in time for Chinese New Year celebrations. Most years include a statue and poster representing their animal, and some years also include a rare balloon.

The most recent additions were the tiger statue furniture items, which were released in February 2022. Other statues and posters were released in their corresponding years, such as the ox in 2009, tiger in 2010, rabbit in 2011 and rooster in 2018. Chinese New Year items are often mixed with items from the Asian furniture line, as well as pieces from the 2012 China Town mini-set.


Name Image
Golden Rat Statue
Rat Statue
Rat Poster
Golden Pig Statue
Pig Statue
Pig Poster
Dog Statue
Dog Poster
Rooster Statue
Rooster Poster
Monkey Statue
Monkey Poster
Goat Statue
Goat Poster
Horse Statue
Horse Poster
Ox Statue
Ox Poster
Rabbit Statue
CNY Poster
Snake Statue
Dragon Poster
Tiger Statue
Tiger Poster
Traditional Gong
Basket of Oranges
Fine Oriental Vase
Golden Ox Statue
Tiger Statue
Golden Tiger Statue
Golden Dragon Statue


In February 2022 the Tiger Accessories was released in the catalogue as a clothing item for the year of the tiger.

Name Image
Tiger Accessories


So far, four Chinese New Year rares have been released. These are four balloons that correspond to the year they were released in; the Sheep Balloon in 2015, the Monkey Balloon in 2016, Rooster Balloon in 2017, and Dog Balloon in 2018.

Name Image Badge
Sheep Balloon
Rooster Balloon
Monkey Balloon
Dog Balloon

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