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A Habbo and their mission.

Your mission (or 'motto') refers to the short piece of editable text of up to 40 characters which is displayed in an avatar's 'Inf-O-Stand'.

There were three ways in which you could edit your mission:

  1. Firstly, you can change your mission by visiting the 'Account Settings' page and filling in the text field with your desired caption.
  2. You can also change it in-client by clicking yourself and then typing in the miniature text bottom in your avatar's 'Inf-O-Stand' - as shown in the image to the right.
  3. Finally, you could also edit it by clicking in a text box underneath your avatar on the homepage.

Unfortunately, only 2 of these options are still available due to option 3 being removed in a homepage update in January 2012.

Your mission can be anything that you desire, providing it does not conflict with the filtering system. For example, one player's mission may read "To be rich" whereas another user's mission may consist of song lyrics or alt codes for decoration. Some players use puns instead, such as "99% loading..." or "I see dead people... Socially."

Missions are also frequently used to serve a purpose in roleplaying, such as in Mafias or Armies where a player will add their rank or role so that they're easily distinguishable within the roleplay.

Furni and Badge Mottos

Until April 2017 items of furni and badges also had a mission which was usually a fun description of the item, but this was removed in April 2017 along with badge descriptions. Habbo explained that this was to make the user interface less cluttered. The motto of a furni released before April 2017 can still be seen on the mobile version of Habbo when viewing the item in your inventory. Furni after that will just repeat the furni name.


If a Habbo changes their mission to "Crikey!" (no apostrophes), then their avatar on the homepage when they log in will turn into a friendly crocodile.