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Release date: March 2011
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Waasa furni is a relatively new line of furniture that was released in March 2011. The whole Waasa furniture line is not available throughout the year in the shop, although there are certain items from this line that are available throughout the year in the Accessories section.


Name Image
Wooden Chair Waasa chair wood.png
Large Wooden Table Waasa lwooden.png
Small Wooden Table Waasa swooden.png
Wooden Study Desk Waasa Study.png
Bunk Bed Waasa bunk bed.png
Large Sailing Boat Waasa Large boat.png
Small Sailing Boat Waasa ship1.2.png
Computer Chair Waasa computer chair.png
Aquarium Waasa aquarium.png
Book Shelf Waasa bookshelf.png
Wall Shelf Waasa wall shelf2.png
Blue Waasa Rug Waasa rug1.png
Yellow Waasa Rug Waasa yellow rug2.png
Orange Waasa Rug Waasa orange rug3.png
Green Waasa Rug Waasa green rug4.png
Gray Waasa Rug Waasa gray rug5.png
Flatscreen TV Tv flat anim.gif
Nostalgic Computer Nostalgic comp.png
Desktop Computer Waasa desktop.png
Laptop Laptop.png