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Release date: October 2006
Season: Chinese New Year
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

The Asian Furni range first appeared as a bonus each time Habbo clothing was bought but was then slowly released into the Catalogue. Its technical name should be Chinese furniture, however, it was the only Asian culture themed furniture when it was released. The chair, small table and bookcase first appeared in Denmark in Version 11, October 2006; the screen in the German Hotel in November 2006 and the corner screen in the French Hotel in January 2007. With the release of V12, the screens were recoloured to match the rest of the Asian furniture, rather than the colour of Marquees which they originally had. These items are often now released around Chinese New Year.


The following items are part of the Asian Range:

Name  Image Motto
Chinese Lacquer Sofa   Asian sofa.png Imported and very stylish!
Chinese Lantern Asian lamp.png Soft and atmospheric light for your room!
Chinese Calligraphy Asian calligraphy.png With a steady hand and focused mind.
Chinese Red Knots  Asian knots.png Choose your blessing!
Chinese Lacquer Chair Asian chair.png Traditional beauty.
Chinese Lacquer Table Asian table.png Exotic and classy.
Chinese Lacquer Bookshelf Asian bookshelf.png To hold the mind's treasures.
Dragon Screen  Asian screen.png For your great wall.
Dragon Screen Corner Asian corner.png Firm and fireproof.
Moongate Asian gate.png A thumbnail's entrance.
Wall Lamp Asian lamp 2.png Follow the light.
Chinese Blossom Tree Asian tree.png Each fallen petal is precious.
Ox Poster Asian poster 1.png Memory of an Ox.
Ox Statue Asian ox.png Celebrating the year of the Ox!
Dragon Poster Asian poster 2.png Memory of a Dragon.
Tiger Poster Asian poster 3.png Memory of a Tiger.
Tiger Statue Asian tiger.png Celebrating the year of the Tiger!
Tiger Seat Asian tiger seat.png Quite cozy actually!
Rabbit Statue Asian rabbit.png Celebrating the year of the Rabbit!

Safer Internet Day 2012

For Safer Internet Day 2012, Habbo released a quiz whereby 20 random players who answered all the questions correctly would receive a Tiger Seat.

The winners were:

  • ,Fearless?
  • .HotFood.:
  • !Diligence101
  • Ahhi71
  • Bbyjokah
  • Bobbling
  • Cenation95
  • DarkCross
  • Erandeni01
  • Felidae
  • Guest6614
  • HiddenStreets
  • MelancholyRose
  • Neellroy
  • Payman8
  • Quirinus
  • SafeDriverDave
  • Tarrasque
  • Vampirecyborg