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Roller Skating Banner

Rollerskating is a furniture range and a type of Official Game found on Habbo. It is similar to Ice Hockey and Ice Tag due to the floor patches automatically providing the skates for users, and also because various Achievements can be earned alongside it. There is only one achievement available while rollerskating which involves spending time of the skating patches. The achievement is titled Roller Derby Raider and a level guide can be found here.


The full furniture line was released on February 15th 2011 and consists of four items. However, under the rollerskating section the catalogue now, only the Roller Rink remains as all other items have since been removed.

Name Image Motto
Roller Rink
Gives you skates!
Roller Rink Chair
Rest your feet before you roll on!
Roller Rink Railing
Fancy fence for your rink!
Boom Box
Oumph oumph oumph! Yeah!