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Release date: July 2019
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Bohemian Festival
Next Campaign:
Sunlight City

Pride was a Summer campaign that ran throughout July 2019[1]. The theme of the campaign centred around Pride Month - which is celebrated worldwide through June. Following this theme, items that were released in line with the campaign were rainbow coloured; said items included a small range of catalogue furniture, four collectible inflatables, a new Limited Edition rare, one new rare item and an assortment of new and re-released room bundles.


Catalogue Furniture

The following rainbow coloured furniture items were released during this campaign, to keep in line with the Pride theme.

Name Image
Pride Flag Dispenser
Rainbow Bed
Rainbow Rug
Rainbow Ceiling Light
Rainbow Stool
Rainbow Table


Only one rare clothing item was released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Celestial Dress


While only one rare was released during this campaign, a total of four inflatable collectible items were released throughout the month. The four items were originally planned to be stacked together to make one large stack, however Habbo announced after all items were released that this function had been removed. The purchase of each collectible item also came with an exclusive badge, if users purchased all four of these items they would also receive an additional exclusive badge.

Name Image Badge
Inflatable Rainbow
Inflatable Flamingo
Inflatable Peacock
Inflatable Pineapple

Each user who purchased all collectible items received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 236 players have the is badge.

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition Rare was also released with this campaign; the Rainbow Parasol. 432 total units were available in the catalogue for the price of 250 Credits each; all of which sold out within two minutes.

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Parasol

Room Bundles

Two new room bundles were released during this campaign:

Three older bundles were also re-released:


Summer Gift Calendar

As had occurred with previous Summer campaigns, a Summer-themed gift calendar was launched into the client. Each day that a user logged into the hotel, they could claim a free gift from this calendar that would give them either credits, duckets or furniture items from previous Summer ranges.

Live Event: Pride Parades

As part of the campaign, Habbo chose to celebrate Pride by holding a live fansite event that would serve as a Pride parade[2][3]. Each of the Official Fansites at the time were given an hour slot over the course of two days; in which they hosted their own Pride parade. The order of events was as follows.

Time (CEST) Fansite
24th July
12pm HFFM
3pm HabboBites
6pm Habbox
10pm HabboQuests
25th July
4:15am HBC & RPG

At the end of each event, users would receive a badge for attending the Live Event.

Badge Name
Habbo Pride Parade 2019!