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A selection of badges

Badges are used as a reward system for the users of Habbo and have been around for many years. Badges used to be quite rare and many users felt privileged if they had a badge to show off, but as Sulake started reducing credit/furniture rewards from the game, badge prizes increased dramatically. Some badges are also incredibly rare, with sometimes only 1 user on the hotel having a certain badge. Each badge has a different motto, title and "code" (which is unseen to users). The easiest way to receive a badge is by doing quests or achievements, thus making these the most common of all badges usually. Each hotel has a different number of badges (disregarding achievement badges) and if a badge is unique to a certain country, it will start with the country code - e.g. "FR6" is a code for a badge specific to the French hotel. Alternate codes may be used, such as "HS1" which is "Habbo Staff 1" badge.

Sometimes, a Habbo's achievement score is affected by 5, 10 or 15 "points" when receiving a badge, however, this is only the case for achievement badges.

Badges are also gained when joining a group and setting it as a favourite. Each group badge is usually styled differently from others, but the number of available designs for group badges is limited as opposed to badges handed out in competition prizes. Group badges are also the only badge which can be altered.

Here are the most common ways in which badges could be attained:

  • Doing seasonal quests (e.g. Valentine's quests)
  • Buying rares - the Voodoo Doll, Beanstalk, Iron Maidens and Beanstalk all came with a badge.
  • Buying or receiving certain pets if they're newly released (e.g. The Rhino).
  • Winning a Habbo competition.
  • Completing quests involving travelling through many rooms.
  • Joining a group and making it a favourite.

Currently, it is only possible to display 5 "regular" badges and 1 group badge in the Inf-O-Stand. This is a lot more compared to the original "1 badge only" system in the early years of Habbo. Users can also show off their badges in their rooms by purchasing a Badge Display Case with a permanent copy of their badge.

Achievement Badges

When Achievements are completed on Habbo, a badge is received. There are currently nine categories for achievements and an awful lot of badges inside these categories - however some cannot be attained if the badge was for a certain quest (e.g. For giving out __ friendship bracelets). Here are the achievement categories and how many badges are inside each category:

  • Your Profile - 81 Achievement badges
  • Pets - 143 Achievement badges
  • Battle Banzai - 70 Achievement badges
  • Make Friends - 115 Achievement badges
  • Explore Habbo - 224 Achievement badges
  • Build Your Room - 195 Achievement badges
  • Games - 445 Achievement badges
  • Freeze - 90 Achievement badges
  • Music - 30 Achievement badges

Designing Badges

Some Habbo competitions and fansite work require the creation of customly designed badges to submit as an entry. The requirements for badges are the following:

  • Size: 40x40
  • Format: gif (non-animated!)
  • Colors: Avoid the use of pure white (255, 255, 255)