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Habbo Club
Release date: December 2002
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue

Habbo Club or HC for short is an addition for regular Habbo users to buy to upgrade their account and gain access to exclusive features. Habbo Club at the time cost 25 credits, and previously only 15 credits during the revival of HC for one months subscription. There are occasionally deals which offer discounted prices for Habbo Club subscription during events and seasonal occasions such as Christmas.

Habbo Club was discontinued on the 30th of November 2011 so that Habbo could focus sales on Habbo VIP. On the 16th January 2013 under new staff at Sulake, Habbo Club has returned again, taking over from Habbo VIP with the promise of new gifts, badges and hairstyles.

In March 2016 the price of Habbo Club increased to 50 credits and 50 diamonds for 1 month and with the increase in price came more benefits for HC members such as no ads and the new HC payday which will award you with credits once a month depending on your HC streak.


HC Badge

Habbo Club was first established in December 17th 2002 at a price of 25 credits, and underwent numerous major changes over the years. The introduction of Gold HC came not long after it was first introduced, in order to add an incentive to those who finished their first year of Habbo Club. Gold HC was issued to a member after 12 months of regular HC membership (the badge received at the beginning of the thirteenth month), and it consisted of a golden variation of the HC badge which had animated sparkles and replaced the users old HC Badge.

Gold HC Badge

The biggest change to the Habbo Club system came in Version 12, which included a whole new series of Habbo Club gifts, increasing the previous rotation from 12 months to 23 months. Upon the addition of these new gifts, the valuation of Rares went haywire as 12 rares were released simultaneously. For example, the Habbo Butler was valued at several thrones in the first few days. Whilst the prices of these Rares have since dropped, they have not lost their charm.

Later on, when Badges were expanded, more stages of Habbo Club badges were added for each month. Habbo Club Gifts were given out via presents to the users Hand or the more recent Inventory. With new updates and the catalogue becoming more versatile and the introduction of VIP, Habbo Club Gifts were available for selection each month in the catalogue and are unlocked with each passing month for selection of a gift.


Prices for Habbo Club membership are:

Subscription Price (UK) Price (US) Price (CA) Price (AU) Price (NZ)
14 Days (Half Month) £1.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a
31 Days (Full Month) £1.50 $1.99 $3.00 $3.50 $1.99
6 Months £7.49 $10.99 $10.98 $11.49 $10.99
1 Year £13.99 $19.99 $19.98 $20.99 $19.99
3 Months HC + 3 Months BC + 110 Credits Combo £27.99 $39.99 $39.98 $43.99 $39.99


In addition to the furniture listed below, other features were available for Habbo Club members. These features include:

  • Access to the Habbo Club section of the catalogue (Club Gifts, Club Shop, Custom Rooms)
  • Eight exclusive new room layouts. Some of the rooms come with a set of stairs and additional levels to add more to your room.
  • Bigger selection of clothing styles and colours, the ability to mix and match colours, and saving outfits for future use.
  • An extended limit of friends on the Friends List (non-HC members can't have more than 300 friends on their list while HC members can have 600).
  • HC badge received to show off their membership.
  • Can use the :chooser and :furni commands to list the other users in the room (:chooser) and to list all furniture in the room (:furni).
  • Four additional dances:

  • Wardrobe Function: In February 2008 the new wardrobe function was released. Habbo Club members could now save their outfits in one of the then four slots. Nowadays you can save up to ten outfits.

1st Generation - Original Habbo Club Gifts (12 Months)

Furniture is available as a reward for being part of the Habbo club. Below is a list of the furniture that was available and their current price and month available. Month 12 would reward the user with a gold Habbo Club badge and a Mochamaster, repeating the gifts following continuously.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
Club Sofa Month 1
HC Plasto Set Month 2
Tubmaster Month 3
Mochamaster Month 4
Dicemaster Month 5
Imperial Teleport (x2) Month 6
Throne Sofa Month 7
Oil Lamp Month 8
Nordic Table Month 9
Majestic Chair Month 10
Study Desk Month 11

2nd Generation - Habbo Club Gifts (24 Months)

These Habbo Club gifts were added in January 2007 to convey a two year plan of Habbo Club. This enticed users to stay on for longer to reap the rewards of being a member for 2 years. The table shows the months that these gifts were implemented into within the previous range.

In this revision, the HC Plasto Set was removed and the Mega TV Set starting at Month 2

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
Mega TV Set Month 2
Antique Drapery Month 4
Persian Carpet Month 6
Retro Wall Lamp Month 8
HC Roller (x5) Month 10
Medieval Bookcase Month 12
Drinks Trolley Month 14
Weird Science Machine Month 16
X-Ray Divider Month 18
The Grammophone Month 20
Victorian Street Light Month 21
Heavy Duty Fireplace Month 22
Electric Butler Month 23

3rd Generation - Habbo Club/VIP era Gifts

During the era of HC/VIP, this new aesthetic of furniture was released in the Habbo Club Gift Shop. This was to entice users away from the classic look of Habbo Club Gifts. This caused a divide in opinion and many users were unhappy with how Habbo Club had changed and it was later reverted in the 4th generation of gifts, which saw the re-introduction of the original style of Habbo Club.

* This line of Club Shop furniture is discontinued

Name Image Motto
Leather Sofa
Stylish seating
Leather Armchair
Relax in style
Leather Duvan
Stretch Out
Leather Bar Stool
Sit on high
Glass Table
Make a statement
Black Lamp
Sophisticated lighting
Black Divider
Divide the wealth
Black Vase
Elegantly shaped
Espresso Machine
Morning glory
Service Trolley
Butler not included
Suave Fireplace
Roaring success

VIP Club Gifts

Name Image Motto
VIP Sofa
Comfort in style
VIP Stool
High and mighty
VIP Duvan
Live the life
VIP Coffee Table
For social gatherings
VIP Bar Desk
Set up shop
VIP Divider
Manage your space
VIP Light
Stay in the spotlight
VIP Lamp
Makes a huge statement
VIP Wall Art
Cubism lives on
VIP Shelves
Store your awards
VIP Stereo
Block rockin' beats
Trendy Rug
Luxurious comfort
VIP Vase
The ultimate floral arrangement.

4rd Generation - Revival of Habbo Club

Below you can see all five pieces of furniture that were released into the Habbo Club Gift section early 2013. These items were implemented with other previous gifts.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
HC Big Vase
Month 1
HC Radio
Month 3
HC Luggage
Month 7
HC Chair
Month 9
HC Round Table
Month 10
HC Cabinet
Month 11

5th Generation - Re-Coloured Executive Furniture

Below you can see all eleven pieces of furniture that were released into the Club Shop December 2013. These are a re-coloured version of the Executive range.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
HC Executive Sofa Chair
Month 1
HC Executive Boss Chair
Month 2
HC Executive Sofa
Month 3
HC Executive Small Table
Month 4
HC Executive Boss Table
Month 5
HC Executive Light
Month 6
HC Executive Cube Light
Month 7
HC Executive Elevator Teleport
Month 8
HC Executive Glass Divider
Month 9
HC Executive Work Desk
Month 10
HC Executive Security Camera
Month 11
HC Executive Waterfall
Month 12

6th Generation - Re-coloured Alhambra Furniture

This was a re-coloured version of the Alhambra furniture line for the Habbo Club gifting system. It featured 10 different furni released in December 2014.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
HC Blossom Chair
Month 1
HC Blossom Pillow
Month 2
HC Sweets Tray
Month 3
HC Window Frame
Month 4
HC Tea Table
Month 5
HC Ornamental Urn
Month 6
HC Ancestral Scimitars
Month 7
HC Tea Tray
Month 8
HC Carved Cedar Divider
Month 9
HC Amanjena Table
Month 10
HC Berber Kilim Rug
Month 11
HC Tea Maker
Month 12

7th Generation

Below you can see the 12 furniture that were released as club gifts in 2016. This was the last year (until the Habbo 2020 gifts in 2021) you could get a furni that were specific to the months you were a club member, just like the years before: if you were a member for 12 months and over, you could choose any of them.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Month
Miniature Pavilion
Month 1
Propeller Lamp
Month 2
Frank's Bubbly Month 3
Green Stash Chest Month 4
Giant Houseplant
Month 5
Bureau Divider
Month 6
Polished Oak Floorboards Month 7
Antique Air Conditioning Month 8
Fancy Vase Month 9
Varnished Writing Desk Month 10
Four Poster Bed
Month 11
Gleaming Sink Month 12

8th Generation - Emojis

For the first time ever there was not a specific gift for every month. Instead users would be able to choose any of the emoji gifts per month.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image Motto
Angry Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
For when you're fuming.
Bobba Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Cool Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Smooth operator
Excited Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Get excited.
Happy Emoji centerZ Mm tub.png Show happiness!
Love Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Love your neighbor.
Poo Emoji
Mh tub.png
Mh tub.png
Totally gross.
Sad Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Having a bad day?
Shy Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
You shy Habbo.
Surprised Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Boo! Scared you.
Wink Emoji centerZ Mm tub.png wink* wink*
Silly Emoji
Mm tub.png
Mm tub.png
Don't be silly!

9th Generation - Re-coloured Bling Furniture

This was a re-coloured version of the Bling furniture line for the Habbo Club gifting system. It featured 12 different furni and was released December 27, 2017.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image
HC Power Shower
HC Bling Fridge
HC Bling Seat
HC Bling Slot Chair
HC Bling Chandelier
HC Bling Toilet
HC Bling Block
HC Bling Daybed
HC Bling Divider
HC Bling Wall
HC Bling Pillar
HC Bling Bed

10th Generation - Zodiac Statues

The 10th Generation of gifts featured 12 statues of the zodiac signs. It was released in December 2018.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image
Cancer Zodiac Statue
Virgo Zodiac Statue
Aquarius Zodiac Statue
Libra Zodiac Statue
Capricorn Zodiac Statue
Scorpio Zodiac Statue
Aries Zodiac Statue
Taurus Zodiac Statue
Sagittarius Zodiac Statue
Gemini Zodiac Statue
Leo Zodiac Statue
Pisces Zodiac Statue

11th Generation - Masks

The 11th Generation of gifts featured 12 floating masks. Masks were released on 27 December 2019.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image
Geisha Mask
Exotic Tribal Headdress
Viking Relic
Yokai Mask
Tiki Mask
Temple Goddess Mask
Jester Mask
Day of the Dead Mask
Greek God Mask
Sarcophagus Mask
Lupine Mask
Gaia Mask

12th Generation

The 12th Generation launched at the same time as the Habbo 2020 Unity update. It was assumed at first that these would mark a return to the specific monthly gifts (ie: what you receive would depend on the length of your membership), however all 12 are visible and selectable.

  • This line of Habbo Club furniture is discontinued
Name Image
Smart Phone Dock
Smart Shower
Robot Butler
Sensory Deprivation Tank
Smart Desk
Smart Microwave
Smart Bed
Massage Chair
Holographic Computer
Smart Fridge
Hot Tub

13th Generation

The 13th Generation launched in January 2022. The furniture in the range was of a similar style to the original Habbo Club gifts. With the release of the 13th generation of gifts Habbos could only choose one item per month, instead of being able to save their gifts and choose many at once.

  • This line of furniture is discontinued
Name Image
HC Shield
Historic HC Map
HC Carpet
HC Banner
HC Crown Lamp
Magma HC Table
Frank's HC Couch
HC Battle Gear
HC Treasure Chest
Frank's HC Armour
HC Throne
HC Hawk

14th Generation

The 14th generation of club gifts launched in January 2023 and were recolored Classic Lounge furniture.

Name Image
HC Hotel Wall
HC Corner Shelf
HC Floor Tile
HC Potted Plant
HC Armchair
HC 3 Seater Sofa
HC Counter
HC Gate
HC Pillar
HC Side Table
HC Table Lamp
HC Coffee Table

15th Generation

The 15th Generation of Club Gifts launched in December 2023 and were in Pop-art style with some redesigned bits of the Executive Line.

  • This is the current furniture line
Name Image
HC Pop Art Display
HC 80's Shelf
HC Coloured Glass Table
HC Pastel Pop Wall
HC Abstract Lamp
HC Tulip Decor
HC Wavy Mirror
HC Striped Floor
HC Egg Clock
HC Multi-Print Seat
HC Commercial Pop Art
HC Lip Sofa

HC PayDay

The HC Payday dashboard in the HC Center, with bonuses breakdown

HC Payday is a subscription rewards system for Habbo Club members that was originally announced in March 2016 alongside other updates (and a price increase to 50 credits and diamonds[1]) and released in June 2016.

In order to qualify for HC Payday, a member must satisfy certain levels of subscription streak, after which they unlock the next level of reward. These range from 5 credits for 7 days to 30 credits for 365 days, where the reward caps out. This must be an active, unbroken membership, so if a Habbo loses their HC for even a day, the next Payday reward will reset to 5 credits at the next payday.

The HC Payday pop-up seen on the 15th of every month by members

All HC members receive a bonus on the same day of the month (the 15th), mimicking a real life equivalent of 'pay day' for Habbos. The Habbo is notified of their HC Payday bonus receipt when logging in on the 15th of every month with an in-client pop-up when they log in or automatically on the screen if they're already logged in when Payday is triggered. The rewards are as follows:

Streak Credits
7 Days 5 Credits
30 Days 10 Credits
60 Days 15 Credits
90 Days 20 Credits
180 Days 25 Credits
365 30 Credits
A tweet from Habbo on 18/05/20 reporting on the month's figures for HC Payday.

On top of their streak reward, Habbo Club members also receive a bonus of 10% back from their catalogue purchases. This means that for example, every 100 credits spent on in-game items from the Habbo Catalogue a Habbo would receive 10 credits back on their HC Payday. This is potentially lucrative, given that many Limited Edition Rares are expensive items, often costing hundreds of credits. For example, purchasing the Fortune Duck LTD would have cost 250c, returning 25c at the next HC Payday.

The HC Payday feature involves a lot of credits, but also a lot of data. Every month on Twitter, Habbo announces how many credits were given out on the latest HC Payday, as well as what the record for the highest payback was for any one Habbo and how many Habbos were awarded over 100c. Since 2016, Habbo have announced the Payday stats on their official Twitter[2], which can be used to see an indication of the long-term spending habits of Habbos, summarised in the table below:

Admin date Month and Year Number of Credits Given Globally Highest Amount of Credits Paid to a Single Habbo Number of Habbos Receiving over 100c
1 May-16 1079737 1527 532
2 Jun-16 N/A N/A N/A
3 Jul-16 N/A N/A N/A
4 Aug-16 939539 2117 590
5 Sep-16 1022127 2603 1184
6 Oct-16 828488 1909 640
7 Nov-16 756755 2125 508
8 Dec-16 1073800 2281 762
9 Jan-17 1142789 1721 1488
10 Feb-17 822825 1267 512
11 Mar-17 797309 1670 574
12 Apr-17 817648 2199 735
13 May-17 774839 1031 698
14 Jun-17 802730 1093 895
15 Jul-17 889123 1107 595
16 Aug-17 776594 2197 573
17 Sep-17 922919 1258 1446
18 Oct-17 704539 1650 642
19 Nov-17 705060 1451 697
20 Dec-17 838614 1657 531
21 Jan-18 860021 1613 982
22 Feb-18 680271 1380 266
23 Mar-18 686188 1286 326
24 Apr-18 825528 3106 848
25 May-18 660782 1228 375
26 Jun-18 758007 1332 808
27 Jul-18 833212 1067 490
28 Aug-18 937915 1748 1234
29 Sep-18 858048 3299 1106
30 Oct-18 618099 1263 366
31 Nov-18 763304 2162 931
32 Dec-18 769215 1551 523
33 Jan-19 758201 2148 780
34 Feb-19 661506 1430 389
35 Mar-19 630897 1078 321
36 Apr-19 884390 1208 1205
37 May-19 711003 1088 677
38 Jun-19 716788 1364 640
39 Jul-19 883003 2372 759
40 Aug-19 736247 2220 560
41 Sep-19 781680 2372 925
42 Oct-19 705491 1305 667
43 Nov-19 748514 2010 1003
44 Dec-19 966302 1448 716
45 Jan-20 897934 1359 1147
46 Feb-20 786818 842 577
47 Mar-20 703283 565 482
48 Apr-20 1331421 1720 1478
49 May-20 1301691 2382 1188
50 Jun-20 1401457 2278 1617
51 Jul-20 2064216 6019 2860
52 Aug-20 1919322 5818 3218
53 Sep-20 1521394 2858 2102
54 Oct-20 1680315 1702 3166
55 Nov-20 1334623 2167 1518
56 Dec-20 1468806 969 1171
57 Jan-21 1264185 1058 1696
58 Feb-21 714986 1311 527
59 Mar-21 N/A N/A N/A
60 Apr-21 1463291 2100 2097
61 May-21 N/A N/A N/A
62 Jun-21 N/A N/A N/A
63 Jul-21 N/A N/A N/A
64 Aug-21 1461366 2352 1926

The graphs below based on the data above show clearly how HC Payday payments have fluctuated from 2016-2020. The spike of veteran and older players coming back to Habbo during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 can clearly be seen with a huge spike in payments made - because of the 10% return on catalogue purchases made while a Habbo Club member, we can estimate a rough guide of how much players with subscriptions were spending in each month. Due to the fact that Payday is only applicable to Habbo Club members, a sharp rise in the figures also allows us to assume a much larger number of active players with the subscription.


Number of Credits Given Globally

Highest Amount of Credits Paid to a Single Habbo

Number of Habbos Receiving over 100c


  • Before the Club Sofa existed, it was branded as the Mountain Dew Sofa, which later evolved for Habbo Club.
  • Originally, the reward for the second month of Habbo club was a unique colour of Plasto (Plastic) furniture, a shade of bright cyan blue. It was infamously unpopular, and as such, was removed as a reward upon the addition of new rewards in Version 12.
  • Despite the Habbo Club rewards being in a rotation, it was never possible to gain a second Habbo Club sofa as it was absent from future rotations. The reasoning behind this is unknown, but it may have been an attempt to make it more exclusive, or perhaps to keep it at a stable value as it was an integral part of the Habbo economy.
  • On January 22nd 2005, the 1st generation of the Habbo Club Gifts (with the exception of the HC Plasto Set) was released for 5 credits each along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka for around five minutes.