Lost Tribe

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Lost Tribe
Release date: June 2009
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Lost Tribe is an outdoors furniture range which appears similar to the Country section of the Catalogue. It was first introduced in June 2009 as part of Summer 2009's "Lost Tribe" campaign. The range is mainly available in the Catalogue but often disappears and later re-enters during seasonal events. This was also was the inspiration for the last three Collectibles from January to June, as part of the The Lost World campaign. The last parts of the collection were released on April, May and June 2009. The first three collectibles are part of the Bensalem furniture range.


2009 Release

Name Image Name Image
Tribal Seat
Lost Tribe Throne
Lost Tribe Statue
Lost Tribe Statue
Lost Tribe Gate
Lost Tribe Gate
Stone Corner
Lost Tribe Stone 1
Stone Divider
Lost Tribe Stone 2
Lost Tribe Stone Wall
Lost Tribe Stone Wall
Lost Tribe Small Stage
Lost Tribe Stage 1
Lost Tribe Large Stage
Lost Tribe Stage 2
Lost Tribe Patch
Lost Tribe Patch
Lava Ditch
Lost Tribe Lava
Lava Corner
Lost Tribe Lava Corner
Big Torch
Lost Tribe Pillar 1
Small Torch
Lost Tribe Pillar 2
Ant Hill
Lost Tribe Bug Hill
Jungle Wall
Lost Tribe Wall
Legs Tarantina
Lost Tribe Spider
The Lost Skull
Lost Tribe Skull


Name Image
Sacred Fire
Sacred Fire.png
Totem Spirit Head
Totem Head.png
Totem Planet
Totem Planet.png

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture items during 2015. Lost Tribe was one of these.

Name Image
Lost Tribe Leafy Bush
Lost Tribe Teleport
Lost Tribe Tree