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Glitches are a frequent occurrence on the hotel due to the large ageing code-base and complexity of the hotel itself.

The tricks and bugs manifest in various ways and are usually found by people messing about and experimenting things in their room, such as attempting to glitch Water Patches. The table below shows many tricks and bugs regardless of whether they still work or not:

Name The Trick How to do it
Invisible Drink Hand has no drink but has the arm out like it has. Simply get a drink and then wave whilst holding it.
Invisible Camera Hand has no Camera but has the arm out like it has. NO LONGER WORKS: Previously done by opening your Camera and then going into a linking Teleporter (no longer works due to Cameras not working anymore).
Invisible Character Your character appears invisible.  Previously done by being VIP, dressing all in purple clothes and purchasing a Ghost Effect from the shop and activating it.
Invisible Walls and Floors Your walls and floors appear fully black. Buy red wallpaper and flooring, place a Moodlight, use the darkest blue colour, activate and select background only (no longer need to buy walls due to VIPs being able to hide their walls).
Moving Whilst Sitting You slide across the floor on your Habbos bottom whilst in the sitting position. Click your avatar, select actions, click the large 'H' button for Hotel View, click the sit action quickly.
Secret Square Extra square to construct your room. Hover over the edge of the room in the corner where the two corners don't meet.
Picnic Area Carrots Receive carrots via the carrot plot in the Picnic Area Public Room. NO LONGER WORKS: Worked previously due to double clicking the carrot plot in the Picnic Area (no longer works due to the reconstruction of the Public Rooms after they were previously removed).
Permanent Selected Buttons The buttons such as move, rotate, pick up and use appear permanently selected. Click a button and then fill your Chat Bar with fish, then release the button when the speech bar overlaps it.
Swim On Land Be able to swim on the actual floor as opposed to a Water Patch. Rotate a 2 seater furniture item (that is a seat, so you can sit on it) then as your head falls off click off the seat and move around the room.
Respect In Water Have the thumbs up action whilst in a Water Patch Use the code _B in a Deep Water Patch and your arm will detach from your Habbo.
Quests Be able to do the old Snowstorm and Battle Banzai Quests Open your navigator and press the < next to the Habbo logo left under in your screen. Now if you go to another room you'll notice that a new icon is on the tab next to rooms. Thats the quest button. If you close and open the tab again it will dissapear and you have to do the first steps again.


No Shadows

Some furniture lacks shadows under it.

Furniture Information
The Sarcophagus Mask is the only Mask from the Habbo Club gifts that doesn't have a shadow under it.


Furniture Information
The Area Screen glitches through furniture on the left side.
When the Area Safe was first released, users who wanted to place objects on it got a weird surprise. Objects floated above the furniture instead of standing on it. This glitch has been fixed