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Motto: Can Contain Up To 10/20 Songs
Release date: April 2008
Rare Values
Category: Music

Juke Boxes are the life of the party on Habbo. Jukeboxes can play songs provided by discs you can buy from the music shop in the catalog. There are currently 2 types of Jukeboxes.

  • Jukebox
  • Mega Juke Box

The "Jukebox" is the original version that was created back before Habbo Beta. The Mega Juke Box was created as a replacement for the Trax in 2011. The normal Jukebox can hold up to 10 songs and costs 5 credits to buy it. The Mega Juke Box can hold 20 songs and costs 10 credits to buy it.

Habbo Hits

Juke Box.

Habbo Hits is a section in the catalogue where you are able to buy your CD's for you jukebox. There are many different varieties to choose from. You are able to hear a preview of the song by clicking "Play Preview". Above that it will say how long the song will go for and the artist. Most of the CD's will cost you one Credit but the longer the song the higher the price.

How To Use

You can put CDs into a Jukebox by double clicking it, thus causing the editor to pop up. Then, you will have click on the CD in your inventory and then it will be in the Jukebox. Once your CD is in your juke box, you can either click the blue arrow to put it into your playlist or just play it once by pressing the green arrow. If you have created a playlist and you click play now, your music will not stop until you press the big red stop button. You are also able to take your CDs out by clicking the blue arrow and the CD will be out of your playlist.