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Release date: January 2007
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue

Windows are a Furni range was first introduced with release 23 of Habbo. Despite most rooms having one or two windows placed around, with this release came the ability to pick up and put them wherever, similar to Posters and Flags. They are popular in many Habbo rooms, and come in many different themes, including Asian, Romantique and Grunge. The default view behind the window is a blue sky with moving clouds, with the introduction of Landscapes in August 2008 Habbo's could change the view behind the window.


These are all the styles of windows:

Name Image
Basic Window Window 01.gif
Square Glass Window Window 02.gif
Grunge Window Window 03.gif
Golden Window Window 04.gif
Small 70's Window Window 05.gif
Large 70's Window Window 06.gif
Small Chinese Window Window 07.gif
Large Chinese Window Window 08.gif
Small Romantic Window Window 09.gif
Large Romantic Window Window 10.gif
Small Window Window 11.gif
Double Window Window 12.gif
Bay Window Window 13.gif
Window Window 14.gif
Skyscraper Window Window 15.gif
Diner Window Small Dinersmall.png
Large Window Dinerlarge.png