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The Client is the application you use to actually play Habbo—aka "the inside of the hotel".

Currently there are two client versions available on Habbo's website:

Modern Client
The future main client, currently still in development phase although already playable.
Built with the game engine Unity.
Available as web client and downloadable client.
Classic Client
The legacy client based on the old Flash client, currently the most used client.
Built with Adobe AIR.
Available as downloadable client only.

And a third (legacy) client exists for mobile users: the Habbo Mobile App.

Client Updates

Habbo regularly update their client to provide security patches, furniture updates and other improvements. When this happens, nobody has access to the hotel client except Sulake technical staff, and all Habbo's can see is a maintenance page provided by Habbo. Updates generally don't last too long, and happen at non-peak times to ensure minimal disruption.


Maintenance Page Image

Maintenance occurs when the entire Habbo website is down and nobody is able to use the site (apart from Habbo staff). Before this happens, Habbo staff usually send out a hotel message saying how long the hotel will be closed for.

Reasons why the hotel would be closed for that time include:

  • Adding a new furni range/item
  • Fixing Bugs
  • A major update with features on habbo
  • Security breach

If a user types the Habbo URL in when Habbo is on maintenance they will see a orange and white page with a Habbo fireman putting out a burnt duck. It says 'Maintenance Break' with a small blurb of Habbo news on the right hand side.

Before the website goes down, users that are on the client receive a popup maintenance message. It usually takes 3 minutes after this message appears for the user to disconnect. Once users disconnect they will be redirected to the Habbo maintenance screen.


The old Habbo maintenance page

When a major update occurred for early versions of the client the "revision/version" number would increase (e.g. V6 saw the introduction of the :furni command), but this changed to the "build" number increasing at R/V63.

Habbo Versions can be divided into different key stages. Version 1-18 is commonly referred to as the "Old Skool" era, Version 18-34 is known as the "Shockwave" era, after that came what is known as the "Flash/Beta" era and finally after that the "Habbo 2020/Modern" era.

The biggest difference between the Old Skool and Shockwave era is not the UI (User Interface), but instead the fact that players were unable to log directly into the Client for the first time ever. The key difference between the Shockwave and the Flash/Beta era is the entire remaking of the UI, which almost replaced every core feature of Habbo and nearly made the pre-beta UI redundant. Similarly in the Habbo 2020/Modern era, Habbo was mostly redesigned from the ground up.

User Interfaces

The User Interface is the general design scheme that is present across most features in the hotel. To date, there have been five different UIs used on Habbo (excluding the one used for Hotel Goldfish):

  • "Pre-Beta" - This was the prominent design used by hotels from 2000-2009 when Beta arose and primarily features Volter Goldfish font. It was disregarded as a UI in Beta because of its "rustic/old fashioned" appearance, but is still present on the main view of the Habbo Console/friends list.
  • Beta - This primarily features a blue and grey colour scheme and is present on many features in the hotel - e.g. the Navigator and Catalogue. It is usually seen as the most disliked UI out of all four.
  • Illumina - Generally viewed as the most favourable of the UIs and was prominent during 2012/early 2013. It was designed to slowly replace all features of Beta, but the leading developer behind it resigned from Sulake. This UI is present on the Habbo Helpers track system and the Inventory.
  • H.I.T.C.H - "Holistic Interface Technology Concept for Habbo" is the most recent UI and was first developed during early 2013. It is a replacement for every UI present so far and is currently present on the "Change Looks" feature of the hotel.
  • Currently a new UI is being developed for the Modern Client.

Habbo App

Shortly after the public release of Habbo 2020, Habbo released a statement acknowledging the difficulties players were experiencing with the open beta of the client [1]. In an attempt to remedy this and encourage players to return to the game, Habbo launched a downloadable client which gave each player a unique log in code and very closely resembled the previous Flash client. The aim of this release was to allow players a smoother playing experience while giving developers a chance to concentrate their efforts on developing the Unity client. Along with the introduction of the downloadable client a lot features from the old Flash client returned, such as furni-furni trading and room rights and moderation, while also incorporating some of the main features of the Unity client, such as the vault and earnings window.


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