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Me pages are the pages that a user

2007 "/Me Page"

is sent to once they log into their Habbo account. They were introduced in December 2007 (a late development, due to most information being client based before then) and have barely changed in style since. These pages can be accessed by going to (or any other hotel - e.g. once you have logged in via the landing page.

The Me page displayed a lot more information (thus making the page incredibly long) before a major update in March 2012. Staff Picks, Minimail and Tags were just a few widgets displayed before the update. The only features that will always remain on this page are the "Enter Habbo Hotel" button and the Inf-O-Matic (information box) for your avatar.

2007 - February 2012 Features

  • Hot Rooms widget
  • Latest Campaigns widget
  • Recommended Groups widget
  • Staff Picks widget
  • MiniMail widget
  • Online friends displayed
  • Advertisements
  • User search
  • Tag search
  • Group creator
  • Newsreel
  • Ability to change your motto
  • Latest events
  • Enter Habbo Hotel button
  • Number of credits in your purse/the catalogue
  • How many days VIP/HC you had left.

2012 Features

  • Advertisements
  • Twitter feed
  • News reel
  • Last sign in time
  • Enter Habbo Hotel button
  • Your motto - but you cannot edit it via the me page.