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On Computer

Minimail was a messaging system on Habbo which allowed users to send an email-type message to their friends. It could be found in the Habbo Client (accessed by typing :mail or using the "Me" menu to open the Minimail widget). Users used to be able to send a confidential message to friends, regardless of whether they were online or offline, but after the Mute this was disabled as they believed it could not be moderated properly. Minimail was located under "Hot Stuff" where hot campaigns were advertised.


Minimal System

With the Habbo Minimail system, there were many different features to choose from when users were looking through their Minimail messages. Habbos were able to check their sent box to see what messages they had sent in the past. They were able to compose a message by clicking the "Compose" button. This would bring up the editor, "send to" and subject boxes, just like a real email. Users were able to delete Minimail messages by clicking on the Minimail and then clicking the red delete button at the bottom. Alternatively, users could reply to the message. Habbos were also able to check their trash, just in case they deleted some important information by mistake. Just below the green button called check for new mail, users were able to scroll through all their Minimail messages they had not yet deleted. Messages in the trash were automatically deleted after 30 days if they had not been deleted manually.

In-Game Minimail


Habbos also used to able to send Minimail messages whilst they were on the client. To do this, they highlighted the people on their friends list that they would like to send a message to (this included offline friends too). After the recipients had been selected, Habbos had to click the button on the bottom left, just above the search tool. This button had an envelope with a little star in the right-hand corner. Upon clicking, it would come up with the same Minimail box, but with the selected recipients already there.