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Release date: May 2011

Picnic furniture came into Habbo on May 12th 2011, this range was jam-packed with 12 different furniture. However, most were recolours of the same furniture in the set and they still appear in the catalogue today. Many are at a reasonable price with a Stump Chair only costing a mere 3 Credits. The Picnic range comes in handy around spring but some of the items included are in demand all year round!


Name Image Motto
Nest(led) Tree (nest)led Tree.png Don't sit underneath it!
Stump Chair Stump Chair.png Carved perfectly to fit
Picnic Basket Picnic Basket.png Munch away!
Picnic Pillow Blue Picnic Pillow.pngRed Picnic Pillow.pngYellow Picnic Pillow.png Comfier than the ground!
Picnic Blanket Blue Picnic Blanket.pngRed Picnic Blanket.pngYellow Picnic Blanket.png Put on a picnic spread
Picnic Refreshments Picnic Refreshments.png Cheers to a sunny day!
Baguettes and Apples Baguettes and Apples.png Fancy picnic food!
Cheese Platter Cheese Platter.png Time for a snack?
Rock Teleport Picnic tele.png Disappear into the dark
Wild Cascades Wild Cascades.png Let it run wild!