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Release date: May 2009
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Country range of furniture was released on 1st May 2009 on the French and Canadian Hotels. The Forest Wall was originally released for the Environmental Campaign that ran throughout Easter in 2009. It was released with the other tree-themed furniture, but belongs in this category. This range is vaguely similar to the African Savanna, and many room designers use the two together.


Name Image
Ditch Corner  Country corner.png
Ditch Country ditch.png
Wooden Divider Country fence.png
Gate Country gate.png
Forest Wall Country forestwall.png
Country Fireplace Country fireplace.png
Grass Patch Country grass.png
Soil Country soil.png
Wheat Patch Country wheat.png
Log Country log.png
Patio Country patio.png
Rain Country rain.png
Rainbow Country rainbow.png
Scarecrow Country scarecrow.png
Country Stage Country stage.png
Rock Corner Divider Country stone corner.png
Rock Divider Country stone wall.png
The Outhouse Country tele.png
Tractor Country tractor.png
Country Wall Country wall.png
Well Country well.png
Country Lantern Country lantern.png