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Halloween Catalogue Header.gif
Release date Unknown
Season Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

The Halloween section was the first seasonal range available to buy and has always been popular with users. These items are well sought after throughout the year due to them being the seasonal range that can gain you the most profit. Some cases would be Haunted Forests selling for five Credits per offseason but come September you could double or triple what you paid. In 2007 the Halloween range was expanded to include more furniture and usually comes with a campaign.

Without fail this range is released each year and in conjunction with it, more and more items have been added to it regardless of whether it is under a different name or not. It's one of the most expensive furniture ranges in the seasonal collections due to some items being in the Catalogue for 15 credits per.


Below shows the items within the set:

Name Image
Pumpkin Lamp Pumpkin Lamp.gif
Skeleton Skeleton.gif
Mummy Mummy.gif
Spiderweb Spiderweb.gif
Bat Poster Bat Poster.gif
Bloody Duck Bloody Duck.png
Gory Duck Gory Duck.png
Skeleduck Skeleduck.png
Chains Chains.gif
Skull Candle Holder SkullCandle.gif

Additional furniture

With the 2007 campaign Monsters of Habbo two new items were introduced, the Habboween Crypt and Grave. The Green Cauldron was the Habboween Rare of that year.

Habboween Crypt Habboween Crypt.gif
Grave Grave.gif
Green Cauldron Green Cauldron.gif