Hotel Versions (V31-V40)

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Every so often, the hotel receives a few interesting updates and the hotel version/released used to change. This occurred right up until R/V63, when Sulake decided to introduce "builds" instead (e.g. Build 1335) and also, we now refer to the updates past V/R33 as "BETA updates". Different releases/versions used to be a rare occasion back in 2000-2003 but they became more common as Sulake and Habbo Hotel grew in size. Here is a list of what V31 - V40 brought to the hotel:


  • Players could now equip their Habbos with a vehicle. There are 4 different styles to choose from - the 'BluesMobile' (Police car),
    Automobile Catalog Header
    'HelpMobile (Ambulance), 'Bad bad badMobile' (Hotrod) and the 'RebelMobile' (Retro car). These costed just 139 pixels and 1 credit, and they last 48 hours. Other items including traffic cones, road pieces and traffic lights are also available for a mix of pixels and credits from the "Automobile" furniture range.
  • A simpler and quicker version of the Ecotron was implemented. The choices of furniture available to receive were expanded upon and rarity was added to each of these items.
  • Item interactivity became only for users with rights or the owner of the room. Certain items were excluded from this update, such as drink dispensers.


  • The landing page (log in page) received a new look.
  • A small update to the catalogue occurred.
  • Another small update occurred to help reduce lag inside the hotel.


  • Lido Diving became a free game. People with tickets were NOT refunded.
  • A few new Ecotron awards were added.
  • The page previously titled "Games" became the "Safety" page.

V34 (Habbo BETA)

  • The old client stopped receiving updates.
    Beta Loading Screen
  • The BETA client was opened to a small group of players.
  • A new hotel view was introduced to the BETA client.
  • The navigator received a massive update! The blue became a darker shade and players now had to click a room name/image to enter the room. Rooms were also placed into 5 categories - "Me" for player's own rooms, "Friends" for rooms owned by friends, "Search" to search for specific rooms, "Everyone" for all guest rooms and a hotel icon for the Public and most popular rooms.
  • Room information and controls were now displayed in one simple black box. Rooms could now also be tagged and set as a favourite.
  • The client became a resizeable window.
  • The Room-O-Matic was replaced with a much simpler (yet plainer) box.
  • The toolbar was moved to the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Icons on the toolbar became animated and 3 new icons were added; a zoom in/out button, an icon which displays room information and an icon of each avatar's head which provides a lot of options inside.
  • Using the icon of a avatar's head, it was now possible to alter certain settings; including changing displayed badges, waving and dancing.
  • Players can set their icon to appear on the navigator next to their room name and description. There are 3 levels to this - the background, icon and 'top level' (border).
  • Users can now drag a box down from the top of the room which will display all of the messages that have been sent whilst they have been in the room, along with who said them.
  • The catalogue received a tiny visual update.
  • The hand was removed and replaced with a simple "Inventory". Trading was also merged with inventory to make trading a lot easier.
  • Finally, the infofeed has been updated a little with a new popup box giving information on Pixel Points earned and when an achievement has been completed. Users will also now be notified when a friend comes online, or when someone goes offline and when they have been respected. Unlike the old infofeed, this one cannot be scrolled back through.
  • Room description appears when a user hovers over a room in the navigator.
  • Rooms load a lot faster than before.
  • Furniture is displayed slightly bigger (compared to previous versions) in the bottom right corner when clicked on.
  • A new loading screened was added.
  • The effects page now displayed what the effect would look like on the user's avatar.
  • The following features were disabled in Habbo BETA: Guides, games (SnowStorm, BattleBall, Lido Diving and Wobble Squabble), pets, the call for help dialogue, the correct trophy "box", public rooms, Trax Machines, the Ecotron, HC commands, clouds in windows, Moodlights and moving furniture via the ALT key (most of which were added back quite quickly).
  • Speech-typing bubble updated.


  • BETA client became available for all.
  • The "home room" icon was added to the toolbar.
  • Group badges now linked to group pages once clicked on.
  • The speech bubble indicating that someone was typing became transparent.
  • Public rooms and the call for help dialogue were re-added.


  • Pets returned, with more colours and the ability to place up to 5 different pets in a room. Their bodies would now be displayed in their speech bubbles, similarly to Habbos.
  • The :pickall command was added. Players could bypass the warning box by typing it in capitals (:PICKALL).


Guide Bot
  • Users now received a warning if they tried to enter a full room or if they get kicked/banned from a room.
  • Minimail was added into the client.
  • Guide bots were added into the hotel and could be called by any user. These replaced Habbo Guides.
  • The navigator was redesigned yet again.
  • Moodlights returned with 4 new appearances.


  • The ability to change clothes in-client was re-added.
    New 'Me' Section
  • The ability to purchase HC was added back into the catalogue along with the HC commands.
  • Players could no longer change badges using the icon displaying their avatar's head, but instead could see how many days you had left of HC or purchase HC.
  • There were now direct links to rooms, located under "Room Information".
  • Ecotron returned.
  • Clouds appeared in windows again.
  • A sound occurred when players received pixels.
  • The credits page for UK users was updated.


News Banner
  • The login and registration page was updated.
  • The loading screen and hotel view were also updated.
  • A new "news module" appeared (activated by typing :news).
  • A new setting in the "Me" section (activated by clicking the avatar's head icon) allowed players to change the volume of the game.
  • The icon for home rooms changed and if a player had no home room, it would be redirected to the hotel view.
  • Players could now report a specific user by clicking on their avatar.
  • The public/official tab became the default view on the navigator.
  • The Trax Machine returned but players only had the option to turn it on/off.


Pet Training Commands
  • New pet training and caring methods were put into place.
  • 5 new pet achievements were added.
  • New pet commands were added.
  • The old Pet Nest was not given out to recently purchased pets any more and new pet furniture was added.
  • The ability to allow/disallow pets was added to room settings.
  • The "Scratch" option was introduced.
  • Players could now take pets to other rooms.