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Release date: November 2008
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Neon is a furniture range that was first released in November 2008 and brought nineteen new furniture into the hotel. Themed around disco/(night) club this range came with a lot of animated objects that can be turned on when double clicked. Initially released on Habbo Japan but later released globally. Within this range, the first real dancefloor was released, while previously Habbo's used Bathroom tiles as dancefloors.

There have been multiple extensions to the Neon furniture range. These include:

  • The "Party Lantern" and "Party Lights", which were spotted in the Swedish hotel in December 2009
  • The "New Year's Light" which was spotted in January 2012.
  • The newest Neon items (i.e., Small Crates) which were introduced in the hotel on June 17th, 2010.


Below is a table with all the available neon furniture.

name Image Name Image
Pro Digital Deck PRO.png Small Colorful Crates Neon-Small-Crates.gif
Large Colorful Crates Neon-Big-Crates.gif Party Lantern Laerntan.png
Party Lights Partylights.png Disco Ball Discoball.png
Dance Floor Dance floor.png Lava Lamp Lava lamp.gif
Bubble Lamp Bubble lamp.gif Neon Chair Neonchair.png
Neon Table Neondesk.png Party Chair Neonchair2.png
Party Bar Partybar.png Party Corner Party corner.png
Bar Shelf Walldrinks.png Party Tray Drinktray.png
Microphone Mic.png DJ Table Dj Table.png
Party Spotlight Partylights1.png Beamer Beamer.png
Laser Laser1.png Neon Right Arrow Sign 1.gif
Neon Left Arrow Sign 2.gif Flamingo Light Sign 3.gif
LED Wall Poster Leds.gif Neon Skull Light Sign 4.gif
Heart Light Sign 5.gif Large Stage Largestage.png
Small Stage Smallstage.png Girls' Bathroom Sign Girls.png
Guys' Bathroom Sign Boys.png

Vintage Music

The Vintage Music furniture range has now been merged with the Neon range.

Name Image
Crooner Microphone Crooner.png
On Air Sign On Air Sign.png
Rockabilly Guitar Case Rockabilly Guitar Case.png
Vintage Vinyl Records Vintage Vinyl Records.png


On November 14, 2008 the Neon range was released on and started off with a small competition in which users had to build a Nightclub and create a flyer for it. Prizes such as badges a Disco Sign and a DJ Turntable were given out.

Nightclub Competition

The Nightclub Competition kicks off! Habbo staff will be frequently visiting rooms ranging from 30-50 users occupying each room. You can better the chances of getting picked for the finals if your room has more people in it, so invite all your friends! Due to the amount of rooms, you may not see Habbo staff much during this event. but we will be watching! Good luck everyone and be sure to check the Neon Group Page after the event to see if your Nightclub has been added!

Nightclub Advertising

Design a custom flyer for your Nightclub!

Is your Nightclub lacking the attention it deserves? Need more people to host events to bring in the crowd? Fear not! Introducing our latest design competition, Nightclub Advertising! Create a flyer promoting your Nightclub! Make the image using the same 'pixel style' as Habbo, so no real-world images.


Name Badge Description Image
Neon Silver Disco Ball Neon Silver Disco Ball NEB.png
Gold Disco Ball For winning an official Trax competition. NEC.png
Neon Bronze Microphone For participating in the Neon Party Competition - November 2008 NED.png
Neon Silver Microphone For participating in the Neon Party Competition - November 2008 NEE.png
Golden Microphone Golden Microphone NEF.png
Neon Nightclub Loudspeaker Nightclub Advertising art competition winner! NEH.png
Neon Party Flamingo For participating in the Neon Party poll from November 2008 NEI.png


  • The Pro Digital Deck and Heart Light are now longer listed in the Neon category in the Catalogue.
  • The Neon Left Arrow is listed in the Shop, but not in the Builders Club Catalogue.
  • The gold disco ball badge shows it was won in a Trax competition while it was given out during the Nightclub competition. This can be due to the Merge