Habbo Party Boat

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Habbo Party Boat
Release date: July 2016
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Stranded Jungle
Next Campaign:
HabboLympix 2016

Habbo Party Boat is the Summer campaign that ran throughout July of 2016[1]. On appearance, the campaign drew similarities to the Jetset line and saw the release of four new rares, four new room bundles - each of which contained an exclusive item. Throughout the month, a reality TV-themed competition was launched in the hotel, which made players compete for a spot on the Party Boat.



Four new rare items were released throughout this campaign; all of which were furniture items.

Name Image Badge
Deluxe Habbocopter
Great White Shark
Jellyfish Lamp
High-Powered Speedboat

Room Bundles

The following bundles were newly released during this campaign.

During the release of these bundles, the following exclusive items were included.

Name Image Bundle
Sailor Cat Cruise Port Bundle
Luxury Sun Lounger Pool Party Bundle
Titanium Drinks Cabinet Karaoke Bar Bundle
King-Sized Bed Luxury Cabin Bundle


Gift Calendar

As with other seasonal campaigns, a free daily gift calendar was launched in-client that allowed players to log in each day and claim a free gift - this would either be a previous piece of Summer furniture, Credits or Habbo Club

The Habbo Party Boat

A continuous set of in-client events were launched, which allowed the players to compete as contestants in a reality TV show based around the Habbo Party Boat[2]. The event consisted of five games, each of which consisted of a different task as the players progressed through the competition[3][4][5][6].

Badge Name
Candidate of the Habbo Party Boat
Welcome on board!
Summer dance moves that can´t be ignored!
For solving a love fight!
Winner of the Habbo Party Boat Finale 2016

[BaW] Furni Merging Competition

During this campaign a competition was announced that asked players to use stack tiles to merge furniture items together[7]. The top ten entries to this competition would receive an exclusive badge, while the top three would also receive 7 days of Builders Club. The winner of the competition would receive a badge, 14 days of Builders Club, 3 days of Habbo Club and their creation would be featured in an official BaW event.

The winner of this competition was announced as Atalyn1804[8].

The runners up were as follows:

  • Sofie372
  • Kovsky.
  • RockCycle

With the top ten being:

  • franchellecute
  • Valyrian.
  • icearbr
  • Satu
  • Snauzher
  • ,lethologica
  • -theoDORE,smith
  • =-,
  • Swaggaliciouis
  • Muting.
Badge Name
Merging Furni Expert