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Bundle Exclusives are furniture or clothing items that are exclusive to the purchase of room bundles.

Some room bundles that have been released comprise entirely of exclusive ranges; such as Pastel and Chess Set. In the majority of bundles, few items that are included within the purchase are deemed as exclusive items which can then lead to a level of rarity of the item. Below, these exclusive items are categorised under the date of initial release.

Name Image Bundle
Ghost Ship Corner Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Stage Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Edge 1 Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Edge 2 Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Edge 3 Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Side Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Wheel Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Flag Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Plank Rare Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Mast Rare Ghost Ship
Portabandeira Carnival Room Bundle
Golden Boot Footballer's Mansion Bundle
White Bling Bed 4 Habbo Main Street Bundle
White Bling Fridge 4 Habbo Main Street Bundle
White Bling Sofa 4 Habbo Main Street Bundle
Corrupted Kitty Voodoo Swamp Bundle
Sacrificial Altar Bed Day of the Dead Bundle
Seal Topiary Bavarian Christmas Bundle
Squirrel Topiary Caribbean Christmas Bundle
Bear Topiary Arctic Bundle
Rabbit Topiary Big City Christmas Bundle
Penguin Topiary Santa's Workshop Bundle
Gold Corner Woodland Ice Hockey Bundle
Gold Hydrant Freeze Battle Bundle
Year of the Goat Poster Chinese Goat Sanctuary Bundle
Candy Duck Santini BonBon Bundle
Habbo Forces Sign Habbo Forces HQ Bundle
Harbinger of the Habbocalypse Haunted Mansion Bundle
Deluxe Microwave Cottage Kitchen Bundle
Bread Bin Posh Restaurant Bundle
Cereal Selection Breakfast of Champions Bundle
Deer Topiary Christmas Cabin Bundle
2016 Balloons Habbo House Party Bundle
Golden Pine Alpine Snowboarding Bundle
Gold Lamp Post Winter Outdoor Bundle
Paparazzi Camera Runway Catwalk Bundle
Brain Jar Runway Backstage Bundle
Head Bandage Runway VIP Party Bundle
Superheroes in Love Superhero Smuggler's Bundle
The Incredible Sulk Lord Pixel's Lair Bundle
Cat Lady Silver Mustard's Sanctuary Bundle
Vanity Mirror Creepy Dressing Room Bundle
Evil Frank's Bust Evil Frank's Office Bundle
Forgotten Toy Chest Forgotten Attic Bundle
Shell Fountain Venetian Theater Bundle
Lovebirds of Paradise Japanese Love Garden Bundle
Vase of Passion Carnivale Costume Shop Bundle
Blacksmith's Hut Vikings Fleet Bundle
Sailor Cat Cruise Port Bundle
Luxury Sun Lounger Pool Party Bundle
Titanium Drinks Cabinet Karaoke Bar Bundle
King-Sized Bed Luxury Cabin Bundle
Vegetable Fiend Healthy Canteen Bundle
Fitness Duck Sportswear Store Bundle
Turquoise Coffee Table Student in Tokyo Bundle
Cabinet of Curiosities Haunted Lobby Bundle
Magnificent Fireplace Haunted Hotel Room Bundle
Big Old Drinks Machine Big Hospital Drama Bundle
Dining Hall Table Dining Hall Bundle
Dining Hall Bench Dining Hall Bundle
Heart-Warming Fireplace Common Room Bundle
Gold Trimmed Sofa Common Room Bundle
Elven Bed Elf Hangout Bundle
Elven Rocking Chair Elf Hangout Bundle
Santa's Writing Desk Santa's Office Bundle
Santa's Mailing Shelf Santa's Office Bundle
Toxic Head Hugger Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Faulty Warp Drive Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Spacecraft Door Titan Spacecraft Bundle
Duck Hat Jellybean Jungle Bundle
Dessert Waitress Dress Dessert Cafe Bundle
Dessert Waitress Ribbon Dessert Cafe Bundle
Cursed Gibbet Ancient Jail Bundle
Cursed Roots Bat Cave Bundle
Amiable Dolphin Santorini Dock Bundle
Crab Rock Pool Red Beach Bundle
Merchandise Stall Village Fair Bundle
Star Gazer's Telescope Star Gazer's Bundle
Promenade Lamp Seaside Watersports Bundle
Habburgers Food Truck Summer Festival Bundle
Emperor Scorpions Desert Oasis Bundle
Mushroom Men Cave Entrance Bundle
Mimic Chest Hidden Treasure Bundle
British Bulldog Cosy Living Room Bundle
Victorian Sweet Shop Victorian Street Bundle
Victorian Pram Carol Singer Bundle
Hot Chesnut Stall Ice Rink Bundle
Inmate Overalls Police Force Bundle
Action Hero Outfit Military Camp Bundle
Yeti Feet Jurassic Jungle Bundle
Wild West Poncho Wild West Bar Bundle
Laundry Basket Habbo Laundry Bundle
Ironing Board Habbo Laundry Bundle
Dustpan and Brush Habbo Laundry Bundle
Cleaning Products Habbo Laundry Bundle
Washing Machine Habbo Laundry Bundle
Clothes Rack Habbo Laundry Bundle
Pro Gamer Desk Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Chair Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Collection Shelves Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Setup Pro Gamer Bundle
Gamer Plushy 1 Pro Gamer Bundle
Gamer Plushy 2 Pro Gamer Bundle
Rubik's Cube Lampshade Pro Gamer Bundle
HabboStation 4 Pro Gamer Bundle
HabboStation Portable Pro Gamer Bundle
HC Lounge Elephant Classic HC Club Bundle
Librarian Frank's Bust Classic Library Bundle
Regal Swan Swan Lake Bundle
Rose Seeds Easter Garden Bundle
Tulip Seeds Easter Treehouse Bundle
Name Image Bundle
Half Tied Hair Back to School Bundle 3
Book Bag Back to School Bundle 3
Lazy Day Hammock Forgotten Attic Bundle
House Keys Sweet Home Bundle 1
Tiny Hamster Sweet Home Bundle 2
Diamond Heart Necklace Sweet Home Bundle 3
Book Bag Back to School Bundle 2
Half Tied Hair Back to School Bundle 3
Pastel Accessory Kit Pastel Bundle
Star Lounge Neon Lights Classic Star Lounge Bundle
Celestial Constellation Lamp Celestial Bundle
Sunlight City Beehive Sunlight City Bundle
Wagashi Stall Food Market Bundle
Bulk Toilet Roll Supermarket Bundle
Spa Day Candle HC Spa Bundle Part One
Spa Sofa HC Spa Bundle Part One
Massage Bed HC Spa Bundle Part Two
Hot Stones HC Spa Bundle Part Two
Complimentary Towels HC Spa Bundle Part Three
Spa Waterfall HC Spa Bundle Part Three
Row Boat Riverboat Cruise Bundle Part One
Picnic Table Riverboat Cruise Bundle Part Two
Life Ring Riverboat Cruise Bundle Part Three

Bundle Exclusive Lines

On occassion, Habbo release room bundles which are comprise entirely of exclusive furniture. These include the following bundles.