November 2020

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November 2020
Release date: November 2020
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Impossible House
Next Campaign:
Enchanted Winter Forest

November 2020 is a campaign that ran throughout November of 2020[1]. It included a new crafting system; from which players could craft lots of new plushies. There were also four new rares released. No new furniture line was added to the catalogue, however some mystery furniture items were released which were previously unreleased items that had been uploaded onto the hotel years ago; but were official released for the first time during the campaign. As well as this, a new rare piece of Credit Furni was released; the Glittering Handbag.


Mystery Furniture

Three 'mystery furniture' pieces were released during the month. They were considered a mystery because unlike campaigns where the upcoming rares are announced before release these items were first revealed as soon as they appeared in the catalogue. The mystery items were also not uploaded to the hotel at the same time as the rest of the campaign furniture as they were all unreleased items that had been uploaded years ago but never officially released. This was not the first time that Habbo had released unreleased items during the year, the Vintage Sofa and Vintage Armchair were also previously unreleased before becoming New Rares in August and September. Most of the mystery furniture from this campaign however were not considered rare and were available for longer than a typical New Rare so could possibly be released again. The White Parasol is considered rare and so will not be released again, possibly because it is a recolour of the classic parasol rares. The mystery items cost 4 Credits and 10 Diamonds.

Name Image
Duck Poster
Plain Office Sofa
Menacing Eggplant
White Parasol


Main Article: Black Friday 2020

On Black Friday, November 27th, Habbo released a Black Friday MEGA Deal for players to purchase for Credits and Diamonds. Two deals were available, users would receive either one of the two based on their usual spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 109 Credits and 109 Diamonds Cost 199 Credits and 199 Diamonds
Unicorn Hat 2.0 Unicorn Hat 2.0 (x2)
Fruity Slush Dispenser Fruity Slush Dispenser
Bronze Coins (x60) Dark Snow Patches (x2)
1 Month of Habbo Club Jack Frost's Lunch
Pompom Beanie
2018 Christmas Mittens
Wooly Bear Scarf
Bronze Coins (x70)
3 months of Habbo Club

An exclusive clothing item was released as part of this deal; the Unicorn Hat 2.0.

Name Image
Unicorn Hat 2.0

Everyone who bought either of the deals also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 583 Habbos have this badge.


The following four rares were released during this campaign, two of which were furniture items.

Name Image Badge
Winter Bear Accessories
Bear Backpack
Cosy Hammock
Ancient Oak Table

The following rare Credit Furni was also released during this campaign; it could be purchased for 350 Credits and exchanged for the same amount.

Name Image
Glittering Handbag


The main feature of this campaign was a large Crafting system that had a total of 48 different animal plushies available to create. There were three animals available, a bear, rabbit or lion and each one could be created in one of four colours, brown, blue, pink or rainbow. Habbos could also create a bow, scarf or flower crown accessory and add them onto a plushie. To create the plushies and accessories Habbos would need a Plushie Crafting Table. A crackable Plushie Crafting Box could be purchased which included the ingredients.


Plushie Crafting Table
Plushie Crafting Box
Name Image Name Image
Blue Dye Rough Fabric
Brown Dye Light Fabric
Pink Dye Dark Fabric
Rainbow Dye Plushie Stuffing


+ Plushie Scarf
+ Plushie Flower Crown
+ Plushie Bow
Ingredients Name Image
+ + + Blue Bear
+ + + Blue Lion
+ + + Blue Bunny
+ + + Pink Bear
+ + + Pink Lion
+ + + Pink Bunny
+ + + Brown Bear
+ + + Brown Lion
+ + + Brown Bunny
+ + + Rainbow Bear
+ + + Rainbow Lion
+ + + Rainbow Bunny
+ Blue Scarf Bear
+ Blue Scarf Lion
+ Blue Scarf Bunny
+ Pink Scarf Bear
+ Pink Scarf Lion
+ Pink Scarf Bunny
+ Brown Scarf Bear
+ Brown Scarf Lion
+ Brown Scarf Bunny
+ Rainbow Scarf Bear
+ Rainbow Scarf Lion
+ Rainbow Scarf Bunny
+ Blue Bow Bear
+ Blue Bow Lion
+ Blue Bow Bunny
+ Pink Bow Bear
+ Pink Bow Lion
+ Pink Bow Bunny
+ Brown Bow Bear
+ Brown Bow Lion
+ Brown Bow Bunny
+ Rainbow Bow Bear
+ Rainbow Bow Lion
+ Rainbow Bow Bunny
+ Blue Flower Crown Bear
+ Blue Flower Crown Lion
+ Blue Flower Crown Bunny
+ Pink Flower Crown Bear
+ Pink Flower Crown Lion
+ Pink Flower Crown Bunny
+ Brown Flower Crown Bear
+ Brown Flower Crown Lion
+ Brown Flower Crown Bunny
+ Rainbow Flower Crown Bear
+ Rainbow Flower Crown Lion
+ Rainbow Flower Crown Bunny

Room Bundles

The following new Room Bundles were released during this campaign.

The following furniture bundles were re-released during this campaign.


The Plushie Factory

At the beginning of the month, a new badge event was made available on the client. In which, players had two minutes to complete a game where they were responsible for sorting plushies in a plushie factory. Some were evil, while the others were good - users needed to dispose of the evil plushies while keeping the good ones. Everyone who successfully completed the game earned an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Plushies Everywhere!

Avalanche Of Hugs

Another plushie-related badge event was launched during this campaign, it was a wired maze where players needed to reach the top of the pyramid while avoiding contact with any of the moving plushies. All users who successfully completed the event received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Avalanche of Hugs!

Spread the Love!

In an effort to promote kindness within the hotel, Habbo launched an official event in the theatre which relied on players' moral judgement. Throughout the game, bots would perform a series and scenes on stage and users needed to name which bot was behaving badly. Everyone who completed the event received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name

As well as receiving a badge upon event completion, players would receive an exclusive piece of furniture within their inventory; the Be Kind Machine. The machine can be interacted with, where a hand appears and gives a hand item in the form of a heart.

Name Image
Be Kind Machine