Habbo in the House

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Habbo in the House
Release date: May 2018
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Movie Madness
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Habbo in the House was a Habbo campaign that ran throughout May 2018[1].

There was no new furniture line released within this campaign, however four Room Bundles were released - two of which were new - that included many exclusive furniture items around the theme of the home.

Two new rares were also released along with older furniture ranges, including Kitchen, Habbo University, Gifts and Waasa.



Two new furniture rares were released during this campaign, opposed to the usual four.

Name Image Badge
Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner
Ball-Jointed Doll

Room Bundles

The following new Room Bundles were released during this campaign. A large portion of the furniture obtained through the purchase of these bundles were exclusive items.

The following previously-released bundles were once again made available to purchase from the catalogue during this campaign.

Pet Habitat Bundles

During this campaign a series of bundles themed around pet habitats were released into the catalogue. While other bundles are typically available for purchase for a limited time only, these habitat bundles were available all year round.