Mushroom Month

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Mushroom Month
Release date: September 2021
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Vaporwave Vibes
Next Campaign:
Spirits of Japan

Mushroom Month is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout September of 2021[1]. The campaign uses inspiration from a fairytale aesthetic, and heavily features both mushrooms and fairy items.

The campaign saw the release of four rares, a limited edition rare and furniture and clothing items that were only available through crackables, amongst other releases.



During this campaign, a new crackable item was released: the Fungal Stump. When using the Fungal Stump with a Magic Wand effect, users would receive either an exclusive clothing or furniture item; each of which had different probabilities of being obtained.

Name Image Probability
Fantastic Fairy Dress 2%
Petal Hat 4%
Fly Agaric Cap 4%
Mossy Fungus Arch 10%
Shelf of Shrooms 11%
Dank Chest of Drawers 11%
Tall Mushroom 13%
Bouncy Mushroom 13%
Shroom Table 15%
Lil' Mushroom Chair

A second, updated version of the Diamond Gift Box was also released during this campaign; titled the Diamond Gift Box 2.0. It contained all different items from the original Diamond Gift Box, with three brand new diamond items, these were alternative diamond versions of the Hermes Hat, Elegant Crown and Crystal Tiara.

Name Image Probability
Diamond Hermes Hat 1%
Diamond Elegant Crown 2%
Diamond Crystal Tiara 5%
Desk Phone 10%
Tokyo Magazine Rack 9%
Bronze-Plated Log Burner 9%
Power Shower 9%
Basement Band Drum Kit 9%
Antique Carpet 9%
Colour-Block Trainers 7.5%
Denim Shorts 7.5%
Pleather Trousers 7.5%
Chest Bag 7.5%
Grand Ay Tail 7%


Six new rares were released during this campaign; two of which are clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Glittering Fairy Wings
Fairy Locks
Fairy Mirror
Rare Black Powered Fan
Lovely Little Teapot
Rare Black Parasol
Rare Black Elephant Statue

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition Credit Furni was also released during this campaign.

Name Image
Golden Roll

Limited Edition Rare

Two new limited edition rares were released during this campaign; the Rainbow Dragon Lamp and the Fairy Forest Warden.

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Dragon Lamp
Fairy Forest Warden

A Free Crown

Similar to the release of the Brown Dragon Lamp, users who logged onto the hotel between September 6th and September 29th received this clothing item for free, along with an exclusive badge.

Name Image Badge
A Free Crown

Room Bundles

The following new room bundles were released during this campaign:

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


Across the month, two Table Offers were made available.

Table Offer One

Table Offer One, first released on September 16th, was available to purchase from the catalogue for 115 Credits and 115 Diamonds. A total of 47 items were included in this offer.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Blue Anna Table Pink Anna Table White Occasional Table
Green Occasional Table Black Coffee Table Pink Coffee Table
Red Coffee Table White Drinks Table Beige Booth Table
Beige Table Red Booth Table Red Table
Vanilla Glass Table Glass Table (Pink) Glass Table (Red))
Glass Table (Aqua) Beige Coffee Table Pink Coffee Table
Red Coffee Table Dark Iced Coffee Table (White) Dark Iced Coffee Table (Green)
Good Side Table org_table Green Inflatable Table
Turquoise Tray Table Green Coffee Table Green School Desk
Red USVA table African Table Amanjena Table
Tatami Table Ancient Greek Table Ancient Table
Conference Table Conference Table Corner Covered Side Table
Covered Long Table Wood Table Boutique Counter
Coral Kingdom Table Witch Table Laboratory Desk
Stained Laboratory Desk Patterned Table Winter Stall Table
Workshop Table Cabin Sofa Table

Each user who purchased this offer received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 19 Habbos have this badge

Table Offer Two

Table Offer Two, first released on September 16th, was available to purchase from the catalogue for 115 Credits and 115 Diamonds. A total of 46 items were included in this offer.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Green Anna Table Gray Occasional Table Beige Occasional Table
Yellow Occasional Table Gray Coffee Table Blue Coffee Table
COCOnut Table Black Drinks Table Blue Booth Table
Blue Table White Booth Table White Table
Glass Table Glass Table (Blue) Glass Table (Black)
Blue Coffee Table Black Coffee Table Large Coffee Table Purple
Dark Iced Coffee Table (Aqua) Dark Iced Coffee Table (Yellow) Beige Folding Table
Bad Side Table Pink Inflatable Table Lemon Tray Table File:Table yellow.gif
Lemon Coffee Table Pink USVA table Blue USVA Table
Glass Table Gothic Table Gothic Desk
Pine Table Irori Table Sushi Table
Kitchen Work Table Blue Kitchen Table Occasional Table
Dining Table Cyber Table Neon Table
Ruckus Table Ornate Coffee Table Bedside Table
House of Cards Table Hand Carved Mexican Table Creepy Table
Icy Table

Each user who purchased the offer received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 14 Habbos have this badge


[BaW] Steamland

During this campaign, a Builders at Work event launched that saw players attempt to stop Evil Orlando Burp and Sargent Tank and save Steamland. Each user that successfully completed the event received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
[BaW] SteamLand Rebellion
[BaW] SteamLand Revolt

Mushroom Forest

An official game titled Mushroom Forest was also launched during this campaign to showcase items from the campaign line. All players who completed the game received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
I helped rescue the fairy forest!

British Bulldog Live Event

The British Bulldog Live Event was a Live event held by Habbo Staff in early September [2]. Based on the playground game British Bulldog, players who won a round of the game would receive a trophy and an exclusive badge. There was also half-time performance from popular user Ligep, each user who attended this performance received an additional badge. The room from the concert was kept open after the event for more users to achieve the badge.

Badge Name
British Bulldog Giveaway
Poppin' with Ligep!

Back to School

An official game was launched during this event titled Back to School. The game consisted of two event rooms that, when completed, would grant two users with two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
Nailed the test!
Back to School 2021

[BaW] Save Shrumf Village

Towards the end of the month, another Builders at Work event launched, this time themed around the campaign line. The objective of the game was to assist the Shrumfs in locating the missing Green Shrumf[3].

Badge Name
[BaW] Welcome to Shrumf Village
[BaW] Lalalalala Sing a Shrumfy Song