Habbo Fashion Week

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Habbo Fashion Week
Release date: March 2014
Available from: Catalogue
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Habbo Fashion Week, otherwise known as Runway 2014, was a campaign that ran throughout March of 2014. The campaign saw the release of Habbo Club exclusive furniture items, as well as three new rares, and two new Limited Edition Rares.


Catalogue Furniture

A total of five new furniture items were released for the campaign, all of which were exclusively sold within the Club Shop for Habbo Club members.

Name Image
Umbrella Light
Runway Dressing Room
Draped Sequin Wall
Iconic Wall Hanging
Neon Runway Fan


A rare crackable was released during this campaign titled the Runway Rares Box. Once purchased, players could "crack" the box to receive one of three rares.

Name Image
Fortune-Teller Machine
Antique Camera
Luxury Dressing Room

Limited Edition Rare

Two Limited Edition Rares were released for this campaign: each were released within 24 hours of each other, at the same price and with the same number of units available.

Name Image
Femme Fashionista
Homme Fashionista

Bonus Rares

Two new bonus rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image
Flash Camera
Pot O' Gold

Room Bundles

Three new room bundles were released during this campaign.


Habbo Fashion Week Challenges

Across the course of this campaign, 18 fashion related challenges were launched in the hotel. Each challenge asked players to dress in differently themed outfits, and state a phrase that began with "I feel like a...". The different outfit themes were as follows (in order of the challenges):

  • King
  • Punk
  • Danny Zuko
  • Space Explorer
  • Japanese Cook
  • 2Pac
  • Peruvian
  • LeBron James
  • Karate Fighter
  • Guy Fawkes
  • Bob Marley
  • "I don't want anyone to see me" theme
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Love
  • Duck
  • A Real Habbo
  • Detective
  • Crazy
Badge Name
I feel like a King!
I feel like a Punk!
I feel like Danny Zuko!
I feel like a Space Explorer
I feel like a Japanese Cook
I feel like 2Pac!
I feel like a Peruvian!
I feel like LeBron James!
I feel like a Karate Athlete!
I feel like Guy Fawkes!
I feel like Bob Marley!
I feel like I don't want to be seen!
I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo!
I feel in Love!
I feel like a Duck!
I feel like a Real Habbo!
I feel like a Detective!
I feel crazy!