Rule The School

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Rule The School
Release date: August 2011
Season: Back To School
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club

Rule The School was a Furni range that was released on the 24th August 2011 to emphasise that the school year was beginning again or had just began in many countries. The range was available via the Catalogue for a short amount of time and hasn't been released under the same name since its debut. The range was brought with a campaign to get players interested in going back to school; it also included a variety of items that the hotels hadn't seen before.

The Auditorium Platform set off a phase for Habbo as it was a stage-like item that could be double clicked to alter the level. This was a first for Habbo and it was popular with the release of the Pura Extensions range in October 2011 including many Pura Blocks that had the same function.

Although the range hasn't been released fully again, some items within it have been available to buy such as the Chem Set and Toilet Stall.

The campaign for this furniture line was promoted in an interactive way to include all Habbo members and get them excited for going back to school. To do this Habbo launched a tournament whereby there were four teams, The Habcats, The BHF's, the GN0RKS and The Punks, each of these had to compete against each other; only one of them would eventually be crowned as the rulers of the school. As a reward for this players were given badges relating to whichever team they were in and then a further one for those who eventually ruled the school.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Auditorium Platform Blue Locker Teleporters
Cafeteria Bench Cafeteria Burger
Cafeteria Meatballs Cafeteria Nuggets
Cafeteria Table Cafeteria Vegetables
Chalkboard Chem Set
Red Locker Teleporters School Books
School Bus Desk Chair
School Charts School Desk
School Flooring School Wall
Toilet Stall Toilet Wall

2013 Additions

At the end of September 2013, the Rule The School range was released into the Catalogue again under the new name 'School Furni.' It included the older furni from the original range, but it came accompanied with 16 new items. Some items got a makeover, such as the Chalkboard whereas others such as the School Desk were recoloured in blue and green.

The campaign included a gold set of items too, but these were mainly for the competitions running throughout. Also, as an added extra, Habbo presumed that players would spend money for double Credits to get them out of the back to school blues therefore a promotion was added.

Polls were available to do to win badges, but it wasn't as big a scale event like it was with the 2011 version of it.

Name Image Name Image
Blue Coatrack Blue School Chair
Blue School Desk Blue School Locker
Green Coatrack Green School Chair
Green School Locker GreenSchool Desk
Grunge Lamp Grunge Wall
Red Coatrack Red School Locker
School Chalkboard School Lunch Cart
school_fountain name Teleport School Locker


The Back To School Rares were a collection of rare furniture introduced in September 2013 as part of the Back To School campaign. They were released from the 27-29th of September, with each Rare being sold for 24 hours before being removed and replaced with the next. The first rare released was the Rare Gilded Chair on the 27th, followed by the Rare Gilded Desk on the 28th, and finally the School Gates on the 29th. Each Rare cost 25 Credits and came with their own badge which would be awarded to anyone who bought them.

Name Image Badge
Rare Gilded Desk
Rare Gilded Chair
School Gates