Curious Antiques

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Curious Antiques
Spromo curiousantiques21.png
Release date May 2021
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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Curious Antiques was the campaign that ran through May 2021, taking inspiration from the Victorian and Edwardian eras in England[1]. The campaign saw the release of a new furniture line, clothing items and four new rares.

Throughout the campaign, a new limited piece of credit furniture was released, along with a series of new diamond paintings. Also released was a new room bundle to match the theme of the campaign, as well as new baby pet habitats.


Catalogue Furniture

At the beginning of the campaign, the following furniture items were released into the catalogue.

Name Image Name Image
Embrodiered Parasol Antique c21 laceparasol.png Investigator's Medkit Antique c21 medicinebag.png
Novelist's Writing Desk Antique c21 desk.png Crime Novel Collection Antique c21 books.png
Solver of Mysteries Antique c21 detectiveposter.png Study Rug Antique c21 oldenrug.png
Dusty Old Lamp Antique c21 lamp.png Crow in a Cage Antique c21 birdcage.png
Number 221H Antique c21 doorteleport.png Bike of your Dreams Antique c21 pennyfarthing.png
Tick Tock Influencer Antique c21 wallclock.png High Backed Chesterfield Antique c21 armchair.png
Antique Tea Set Antique c21 teaset.png Soul Food Antique c21 mysterypie.png
This Is Evidence Antique c21 magnifyinglass.png


Only one clothing item is set to be released with this campaign; the Edwardian Blouse.

Name Image
Edwardian Blouse Clothing edwardianblouse.png


Four new rares were released during this campaign. Two of these are clothing items; one of which is a hairstyle.

Name Image Badge
Consulting Detective Outfit Clothing r21 detectiveoutfit.png SHL18.png
Spidery Waves Clothing r21 tousledwaves.png SHL02.png
Silverback Gorilla Animal r21 gorilla.png
Cabinet of Curiosities Antique r21 curiocabinet.png

A new piece of credit furniture was also released during this campaign. It could be purchased from the catalogue for 750 Credits and exchanged at any time for the same amount.

Name Image
Gold Dragon CF 750 golddragon.png

Room Bundles

The following bundles were newly released during this campaign.

The baby pet bundles were all revamped and re-released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.