January 2014

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January 2014
Release date: January 2014
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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January 2014 refers to the campaign that ran on Habbo throughout January of 2014. Although it was not a larger or specifically themed campaign like many others, it focussed on reflecting on the hotel highlights of 2013 - as shown in the re-release of popular 2013 bundles.

This month also saw the discontinuation of the Habbo Game Centre[1] and the return of the classic furniture line Lodge to the catalogue. As well as this, this campaign saw many improvements to Builders Club, including the introduction of Building Blocks.


Catalogue Furniture

In celebration of the New Year, a 2014 countdown clock was released into the hotel.

Name Image
2014 Countdown 2014Countdown.png

Chinese New Year

Alongside the release of this campaign, the Year of the Horse was being celebrated. In awareness of this, two new Horse-themed furniture items were released.

Name Image
Horse Statue CNY2014 HorseStatue.png
Horse Poster CNY2014 HorsePoster.png


During this campaign, the Gnome was first released as a pet. Once purchased, users would receive a wooden crate that had to then be cracked to get the gnome out. Nine different breeds of varying levels of rarity were available, however users would not know which breed their gnome was until the box had been opened.


Room Bundles

Three new room bundles were released during this campaign.


Habbo Stories Heroes Competition

As part of a series of Habbo Stories competitions, the Heroes competition was launched in preparation for Martin Luther King Day. For this competition, players were asked to tell stories about real people who had a legacy that inspired them[2]. The top five winners receive a month of Builders Club as well as an exclusive badge; they were the following people:

  • AeroChicken98
  • lYerko
  • chidiva
  • Barbuda
  • Stadiums

An additional 24 people received the badge:

  • lYerko
  • SirDavid1150
  • Arene
  • franchellecute
  • Seigfried
  • JiaHengK
  • Usul
  • Stadiums
  • g.c.magic
  • AeroChicken98
  • ,97
  • SaintSymphonic
  • lordjvthesk
  • Artuer
  • UnderCover.
  • mcr-emo-kid
  • chidiva
  • Shaleeka
  • Pixierockstar
  • Barbuda
  • ToLiveOrToDie
  • Frieqs96
  • Alejandro-
  • matt2205
Badge Name
HST03.png For sharing your hero's message and inspiring the Habbo community

Habbo Stories Hero Poem Competition

Another Heroes competition was launched during this campaign; this time players were asked to write a piece of poetry[3]. The top three entrants received a Hero Trophy. These people were the following:

  • Nysos
  • greekguyowesme
  • Armset
Name Image Motto
Habbo Stories Hero Trophy Habbo Stories Hero Trophy.png For paving the path of courage and being my Habbo Hero.

Five runners up received a Heroic Acts Certificate. The players this item was rewarded to consist of the following:

  • Hawaii5.o
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • Nuclide-
  • Proms
  • Repulsive.
Name Image Motto
Heroic Acts Certificate Heroic Acts Certificate.gif For leading the way, standing up for others and making a difference.

All winners and runners up received an exclusive badge, along with an additional 50 entrants.

Badge Name
HST04.png You're a poet and you know it!

Habbo Stories Knee-Slapping New Year's Resolutions

To celebrate New Year, players were asked to submit their "witty and wacky" New Year's resolutions[4]. The top five entries received an exclusive golden badge, as well as an additional comedy badge that was also awarded to 25 runners up. The top five were as follows:

  • chidiva
  • axb
  • Samanfa
  • HiddenStairCase
  • Repulsive

The 25 runners up were as follows:

  • See.
  • Zipedtight-xo
  • avicide
  • Homebase2010
  • Jinchurriki
  • ,fayemariexo
  • Repulsive
  • axb
  • Seigfried
  • Savaged
  • Samanfa
  • HiddenStairCase
  • milktune
  • Undercover.
  • lordjvthesk
  • -=Minerva=
  • A-n-na
  • ragequit
  • Derp.
  • Usul
  • chidiva
  • Xbloodsparklex
  • Infestationary
  • ButterFly593
Badge Name
HST01.png Funny Bone Tickler.
HST02.png Royal Court Jester