Habbo's Eco World

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Habbo's Eco World
Release date: April 2023
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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Habbo's Eco World is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout April of 2023[1]. Items released during this campaign followed a Solarpunk theme and regularly used imagery of rabbits, as this campaign served as 2023's Easter campaign.

The campaign saw two new Limited Edition rares released; one of which being the second Limited Edition clothing item released on Habbo.


Catalogue Furniture

A new range of furniture was introduced during this campaign; this was advertised in the catalogue and Builders Club as the Solarpunk range.

Name Image Name Image
Bunny Chia Grand Greenhouse Window
Thrifted Bookshelf Solarpunk Computer
Sunlight Skylight Watering Bot
Solarpunk Hammock Upcycled Wheelie Table
Upcycled Wheelie Stool Exposed Pipe Divider
Mixed Terracotta Tile Hanging Lightbulb
Exposed Hanging Pipes Second Hand Books
Pipe Planter Bunny Archway


Five new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Floppy Bunny Hat
Bunny Eared Top Hat
Mecha Bunny
Diamond Pillow
Bunny Pod

Limited Edition Rares

Two new Limited Editions rares were released during this campaign. One of these, the Solarpunk Bunny Outfit, was the second Limited Edition clothing item to be released.

Name Image Badge
Solarpunk Bunny Outfit
Steampunk Habberge Egg


Players could use items received from the campaign's Crackables - the Bunny Recycling Bin and Solar Power Box - to create recycled furniture which can then in turn be used for crafting.

When interacted with while the Golden Spotlight effect is active these furni will "crack" into a random selection of new items. Unless the Distressed Trash Tank clothing item is obtained (with a 10% probability of this happening), the Bunny Recycling Bin gives out 3 items at a time, in any of the 9 possible permutations and with equal probability of 9% each.

Name Image Possible Items
Bunny Recycling Bin
Solar Power Box


A new Crafting system was also released with this campaign, which saw players using the Bunny Craft Bot to create a variety of furni. This item needs to be activated and awakened by interacting with it while the Golden Spotlight effect is active.

Bunny Craft Bot
Ingredients Product
Name Images Name Image
Healthy Leftovers (x2) + Rechargeable Batteries (x1) + Recycled Materials Table
Healthy Leftovers (x2) + Damaged Tech (x1) + Rechargeable Big Battery (x1) + + Solar Flower Lamp
Healthy Leftovers (x3) + Old Clothes Pile (x2) + Solar Energy (x1) + + Oasis Terrarium
Damaged Tech (x2) + Delectable Chocolate Egg (x1) + Rechargeable Batteries (x1) + + Robo Bird
Damaged Tech (x2) + Delectable Chocolate Egg (x2) + Rechargeable Big Battery (x1) + + Robo Bunny
Damaged Tech (x2) + Delectable Chocolate Egg (x3) + Solar Energy (x1) + + Robo Cat
Old Clothes Pile (x2) + Rechargeable Batteries (x2) + Reformed Patchwork Pants
Old Clothes Pile (x2) + Healthy Leftovers (x2) + Rechargeable Big Battery (x2) + + Reformed Flower-Lover Shirt
Old Clothes Pile (x3) + Damaged Tech (x2) + Solar Energy (x2) + + Squishy Bunny Backpack

Room Bundles

Two new room bundles were released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during the month.