Vaporwave Vibes

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Vaporwave Vibes
Release date: August 2021
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
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Habbo Pride Festival
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Mushroom Month

Vaporwave Vibes is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout August of 2021[1]. The campaign is based on the popular aesthetic of the same name, which takes heavy inspiration from the 1980s.

The campaign saw the release of a new furniture line, four rares, a limited edition rare and a new crafting system, amongst other releases.

During August 2021 the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were also taking place, to celebrate this the HabboLympix range was re-released into the catalogue under the "Hot Now" section.


Catalogue Furniture

A new furniture line was released along with this campaign.

Name Image Name Image
Miami Fan Palm Vwave c21 palm.png Miami Planter Vwave c21 planter.png
Miami Sidewalk Vwave c21 pavement.png Miami Beach Sand Vwave c21 nightsand.png
Miami Corner Railing Vwave c21 railcrnr.png Miami Railing Vwave c21 railing.png
Miami Streetlight Vwave c21 streetlight.png Miami Building Vwave c21 buildings.png
Miami Beach Sunset Vwave c21 sunsetbg.png Miami Street Wall Vwave c21 wall.png
Miami Street Bench Vwave c21 bench.png Frenchie Vwave c21 frenchbulldog.png
CCTV Camera Vwave c21 cctv.png Battered Spy Equipment Vwave c21 brokentech.png
Mocktails for All Vwave c21 drinkshelf.png Edgy Glass Distributor Vwave c21 barglasses.png
Promenade Litter Vwave c21 trash.png Neon Street Lights Vwave c21 neonsigns.png
Retro Room Posters Vwave c21 posters.png Alleyway Dumpster Vwave c21 dumpster.png
Miami Parking Meter Vwave c21 parkingmeter.png Assorted Mocktails Vwave c21 mocktails.png
Miami Bar Table Vwave c21 bartable.png Miami Bar Stool Vwave c21 barstool.png
Motel Entrance Vwave c21 motelrooms.png Motel Front Vwave c21 motelfront.png
Underground Club Entrance Vwave c21 nightclub.png Digitized Beach Sunset Vwave c21 glitchsunsetbg.png

Interestingly, the Digitized Beach Sunset was the only item of digital furniture to be released into the catalogue rather than be exclusively available through crafting.


Six new clothing items were released during this campaign; including two hairstyles, two new faces, a new accessory and a new outfit.

Name Image
Bubblegum Bubble Clothing bubblegum.png
Modern Mullet Clothing modernmullet.png
Retro Makeup Clothing retromakeup.png
Gangster Face Clothing toughface.png
Disco Suit Clothing retrosuit.png
80s Locks Clothing volumehair.png


Four new rares were released during this campaign; two of which are clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Vintage Polaroid Camera Clothing r21 polaroid.png VPV09.png
Retro Rollerskates Clothing r21 rollerskates.png VPV10.png
Retro Jukebox Vwave r21 jukebox.png VPV11.png
Miami Motorbike Vwave r21 motorbike.png VPV12.png

Limited Edition Rare

A new limited edition rare was released during this campaign; the Gleaming Luxury Car. 480 units were released for the price of 500 Credits and 10 Diamonds, all of which sold out in 14 seconds.

Name Image Badge
Gleaming Luxury Car Vwave ltd21 lambo.png VPV13.png


A new crafting system was released for this campaign; it functioned in two different ways. Either way the system is used by the player, the Floppy Disks and Futuristic Rubik's Cube are required as ingredients; along with the Digitizer crafting table. The Floppy Disks were released into the catalogue while the Rubik's Cube was only available by participating in official games and activities.

Vwave c21 pc.png
Name Image
Floppy Disks Vwave c21 floppydisk.png
Futuristic Rubik's Cube Vwave c21 rubiks.png

These could all be used to craft four clothing items, each being strongly inspired by the 80s aesthetic.

Ingredients Name Image
Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Daffy Funk Helmet Clothing daffyfunkhelmet.png
Vwave c21 rubiks.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Jewelled Glasses Clothing gemglasses.png
Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Holographic Party Dress Clothing holographicdress.png
Vwave c21 rubiks.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Miami Beach Shirt Clothing retroshirt.png

The crafting table can also be used on existing furniture items from this campaign to transform it into a digitised version of itself.

Ingredients Name Digitised Item
Vwave c21 palm.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Fan Palm Vwave c21 glitchpalm.png
Vwave c21 planter.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png Digitized Planter Vwave c21 glitchplanter.png
Vwave c21 pavement.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Sidewalk Vwave c21 glitchpavement.png
Vwave c21 nightsand.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Beach Sand Vwave c21 glitchnightsand.png
Vwave c21 railcrnr.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png Digitized Corner Railing Vwave c21 glitchrailcrnr.png
Vwave c21 railing.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png Digitized Railing Vwave c21 glitchrailing.png
Vwave c21 streetlight.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Streetlight Vwave c21 glitchstreetlight.png
Vwave c21 buildings.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Building Vwave c21 glitchbuildings.png
Vwave c21 wall.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png + Vwave c21 floppydisk.png Digitized Street Wall Vwave c21 glitchwall.png
Vwave c21 bench.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png + Vwave c21 rubiks.png Digitized Street Bench Vwave c21 glitchbench.png

Room Bundles

The following two new room bundles were released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


Humongous Crafting Deal

On August 31st, Habbo released a Humongous Crafting Deal for players to purchase for a combination of Credits and Diamonds. Two deals were available, users would receive either one of the two based on their usual spending habits.

Deal 1 Deal 2
Cost 279 Credits and 279 Diamonds Cost 299 Credits and 299 Diamonds
Fashion Design Table (x1) Fashion Design Table (x1)
Rock Crafter (Crafting Table) (x1) Rock Crafter (Crafting Table) (x1)
Sewing Station (Crafting Table) (x1) Sewing Station (Crafting Table) (x1)
Fragrant Bath (Crafting Table) (x1) Fragrant Bath (Crafting Table) (x1)
Snowman Crafting Table (x1) Snowman Crafting Table (x1)
Witch's Crafting Table (x1) Witch's Crafting Table (x1)
Trashbot Jr. (x1) Trashbot Jr. (x1)
Artisan Sewing Box (x1) Artisan Sewing Box (x1)
Nutcracker Crafting Table (x1) Nutcracker Crafting Table (x1)
Tainted Washing Machine (crafting table) (x1) Tainted Washing Machine (crafting table) (x1)
Toolbot (crafting table) (x1) Toolbot (crafting table) (x1)
Tailor's Sewing Machine (x1) Tailor's Sewing Machine (x1)
Combi Stove (x1) Combi Stove (x1)
Purification Device (x1) Purification Device (x1)
Survivor's Workbench (x1) Survivor's Workbench (x1)
Orange Spa Sack (x1) Orange Spa Sack (x2)
Plain Hoodie (x3) Plain Hoodie (x1)
Blue Spa Sack (x3) Blue Spa Sack (x2)
Artisan Sewing Material (x3) Artisan Sewing Material (x2)
Pink Dye (x3) Pink Dye (x2)
Blue Dye (x3) Blue Dye (x2)
Yellow Dye (x3) Yellow Dye (x2)
Tailor's Cloth (x3) Tailor's Cloth (x2)
Blue Berries (x3) Blue Berries (x2)
Plain Sweatpants (x3) Plain Sweatpants (x1)
Recyclable Glass (x3) Recyclable Glass (x2)
Red Berries (x3) Red Berries (x2)
Purple Festival Dye (x3) Purple Festival Dye (x2)
Tailor's Thread (x3) Tailor's Thread (x2)
Small Lost Souls crystal (x3) Small Lost Souls crystal (x2)
Camo Fashion Ink (x3) Camo Fashion Ink (x1)
Indian Cloth (x3) Indian Cloth (x2)
Dark Fashion Ink (x3) Dark Fashion Ink (x1)
Red Matroyoshka Doll (x3) Red Matroyoshka Doll (x2)
Plain Crop Top (x3) Plain Crop Top (x1)
Recyclable Paper (x3) Recyclable Paper (x2)
Small Pure crystal (x3) Small Pure crystal (x2)
Plain Cap (x3) Plain Cap (x1)
Rune Rock (x3) Rune Rock (x5)
101 Washing Powder (x3) 101 Washing Powder (x2)
Rainbow Fashion Ink (x3) Rainbow Fashion Ink (x1)
Ingredients Pouch (x3) Head Jewel Blueprint (x1)
Dye Bucket (Dyes your Bazaar furni) (x1) Sari Blueprint (x1)
Icicle Box (x3) Indian Cape Blueprint (x1)
Tailor's Handbook (x3) Sherwani Blueprint (x1)
Book of Patterns (OPEN ME!) (x3) Snake Hat Blueprint (x1)
Mint Bath Bomb (x3)
Charcoal Bath Bomb (x3)
Rose Bath Bomb (x3)
Citrus Bath Bomb (x3)
Lavender Salt (x2)
Towel Hair (x2)
Full Towel Wrap (x2)
Spa Incense (x2)
Eye Mask (x2)
Lower Towel Wrap (x2)
Orange Eyes (x1)
Strawberry Eyes (x1)
Cucumber Eyes (x1)
Tomato Eyes (x1)
Carved Ice Angel (x1)
Carved Ice Dragon (x1)
Carved Ice Reindeer (x1)
Carved Ice Robin (x1)
Carved Ice Unicorn (x1)
Witch Candles (x1)
Fragrant Herbs (x1)
Crumbling Skull (x1)
Crystal Ball (x1)
Long Feathers (x1)
Witch Crystal (x1)
Tarot Cards (x1)
Backpack Pattern (x1)
Shirt Pattern (x1)
Facepaint Pattern (x1)
Headgear Pattern (x1)
Feather Pin Design (x1)
Top Hat Design (x1)
Buttoned Trousers Design (x1)
Ruffled Shirt Design (x1)
Tailcoat Design (x1)
Victorian Dress Design (x1)

Everyone who bought either of the deals also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 416 Habbos have this badge.


Plant Offer Five

Towards the end of the month, Plant Offer Five was released into the catalogue for 120 Credits and 120 Diamonds. A total of 35 items were included in this offer.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Neon Tree Coral Neon Tree Coral.png Big Leaf Plant Big Leaf Plant.png Ginkgos Tree Ginkgos Tree.png
Palm Tree Lm palmtree1.png Red Flower EasterRedFlower.png Bluebell Mushrooms Bluebell Mushrooms.png
Jimson Weed Jimson Weed.gif Ravishing Red Lupine Ravishing Red Lupine.gif Gallant Gold Rush Gallant Gold Rush.gif
Pink Rose Pink Rose.png Snowy Pine SnowyPine.png Christmas Tree 3 Christmas Tree 3.gif
Winter City Christmas Tree Winter City Christmas Tree.png Illuminated Winter Tree Illuminated Winter Tree.png Is This a Tree? Image2019-9-19 14-19-29.png
DIY Christmas Tree Xmas c15 decotree.png Winter Shrub Xmas c15 snwbush.png Christmas Poinsettia Xmas c15 poinsettia.png
Poinsetta Poinsetta.gif Ornate Skull Flowerpot Ornate Skull Flowerpot.png Flower Garland Flower Garland.png
Poisonous Apple Tree Poisonous apple tree.png Black Roses BlackRoses.gif Tree Teleport Tree Teleport.png
Tree of Lost Souls Tree of Lost Souls.png Hanging Love Flower Hanging Love Flower.png Romantic Petals Romantic Petals.png
The Vines of Love The Vines of Love.png Roses Roses Venetian.png Venetian Shrub Venetian Shrub.png
Venetian Flowerpot Venetian Flowerpot.png Victorian Flower Basket Victorian Flower Basket.png Christmas Palm ChristmasPalm.png
Haunted Forest Haunted Forest.gif

Each user who purchased this offer received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 48 Habbos have this badge


Gift Calendar

A gift calendar was once again launched into the hotel; each day players logged in they could claim a free gift. Gifts users could receive included duckets, Habbo Club or Builders Club memberships or a range of furniture from lines such as the Bling and Jetset lines.

Vaporwave Games [VWG]

[VWG] Welcome to Miami

Alongside the launch of the campaign, a new two-room event was launched in the hotel. Players had to find their way into a Miami nightclub undercover to find a scammer. Players who successfully completed the games in both rooms would receive an exclusive badge along with three Futuristic Rubik's Cubes that could be used in the crafting system.

Badge Name
VPV14.png Welcome to Miami!

[VWG] Dumpster Diving

In the second week of August, another game was introduced into the hotel. Players who successfully completed this event received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
VPV15.png Underground Casino

Users also received two Futuristic Rubik's Cubes and had a chance of receiving a selection of furniture items including the Battered Spy Equipment, Bubblegum Bubble or Aquamarine Capybara.

Name Image
Battered Spy Equipment Vwave c21 brokentech.png
Bubblegum Bubble Clothing bubblegum.png
Aquamarine Capybara Aquamarine Capybara.png

[VWG] Where's Mike?

Another Vaporwave Game was launched into the client, it consisted of multiple rooms and required users to find someone named Mike who had been taken hostage by the hacker. All users who successfully completed the game received two exclusive badges as well as two Futuristic Rubik's Cubes.

Badge Name
VPV16.png Where's Mike?
VPV17.png Habbo PD

[VWG] Caught on Camera

The next event in the Vaporwave Games series required players to find a woman named Virginia and take a picture of her. Upon successful completion, users received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
VPV20.png Frenchie
VPV19.png Caught on Camera

[VWG] Traffic Jam

The next game to launch the hotel was called Traffic Jam. Successful completion of this game gained players an exclusive badge as well as a Futuristic Rubik's Cube.

Badge Name
VPV18.png Born to Race

[VWG] Time's Up!

The final in-client game to be launched in the Vaporwave Games series was titled Time's Up!. Players were required to complete different games in a series of rooms. Upon successful completion, players would receive an exclusive badge and two Rubik's Cubes for use in the crafting system and a furniture prize of either a Miami Parking Meter, Battered Spy Equipment, a Bubblegum Bubble or an Aquamarine Capybara.

Name Image
VPV21.png Time's Up!

Roller Disco

Alongside the release of the Retro Rollerskates, a new room titles "Roller Disco" was opened in the hotel navigator.

[BaW] Into a Digital World

During this campaign a new Builders at Work event launched which was centred around the campaigns' digital crafted furniture items. Users who successfully completed the rooms received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
US218.png [BaW] Into a digital world
US217.png [BaW] I got digitized