Autumn Fashion Shoot

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Autumn Fashion Shoot
Release date: September 2023
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Habbos in NYC
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Tombs of Egypt

Autumn Fashion Shoot is the Habbo campaign that took place in September 2023. This campaign celebrates the arrival of Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!) and sported many releases, including new rares, new room bundles, a new Limited Edition rare and an item of credit furniture. Two new crackables were also released into the Hotel during this campaign, and there was pseudo-rare item given away as a piece of competition/giveaway furni.


Giveaway Furni

The Cute Toast Backpack was introduced during the Autumn Fashion Shoot campaign as a giveaway item.
Habbo's official Twitter account[1] was used to send Direct Messages to certain Habbo-related accounts that they wished to give one of these items to (it is unclear exactly how these winners were selected from the hundreds of Habbo posts daily) and Official Fansites from around the world were also supplied with redeemable codes to create their own giveaways. Despite statements that this item is not considered Rare Clothing, its initial price skyrocketed due to its scarcity and the propensity for most early recipients to bind the item for display.

Name Image
Cute Toast Backpack


Two new crackables were released into the catalogue during this campaign. These were the Autumnal Picnic Basket and the Deluxe Autumn Picnic Basket.

Name Image
Autumnal Picnic Basket
Deluxe Autumn Picnic Basket

Each item, when cracked, would give different combinations of furniture and clothing items, each with differing probabilities.

Autumnal Picnic Basket
Name Image Probability
Autumn Leaf Pile + Autumn Leaf Curtain + Autumn Fallen Leaves + + 12%
Autumn Leaf Pile + Autumn Picnic Blanket + Knitted Bunny Beanie + + 26%
Autumn Leaf Curtain + Influencer Phone + Habbo Beanie + + 26%
Autumn Fallen Leaves + Autumn Campfire + Pinafore Dress + + 26%
Autumn Leaf Pile + Autumn Leaf Curtain + Autumn Fallen Leaves + Autumn Shiba Inu + + + 5%
Autumn Leaf Pile + Autumn Leaf Curtain + Autumn Fallen Leaves + Teddy Jacket + + + 5%
Deluxe Autumn Picnic Basket
Name Image Probability
Autumn Campfire + Influencer Phone + Autumn Picnic Blanket + Habbo Beanie + + + 12%
Autumn Campfire + Teddy Jacket + Habbo Beanie + Autumn Leaf Pile + + + 26%
Influencer Phone + Pinafore Dress + Doc Franks + Autumn Leaf Curtain + + + 26%
Autumn Picnic Blanket + Autumn Shiba Inu + Knitted Bunny Beanie + Autumn Fallen Leaves + + + 26%
Autumn Shiba Inu + Autumn Samoyed + Teddy Hat + Doc Franks + + + 5%
Teddy Jacket + Autumn Samoyed + Teddy Hat + Doc Franks + + + 5%


Four new rares were released for this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Two Toned Hair
Autumn Tree Branch
Drill Curled Hair
RARE Diamond Powered Fan
Emotional Support Toast

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released during this campaign.

Name Image
Bubblejuice Classy Glass

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Badge
Hibernating Autumn Bear

Room Bundles

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.