Japanese Onsen

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Japanese Onsen
Release date: November 2022
Available from: Catalogue
Previous Campaign:
Hell in Habbo
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Ski Resort

The Japanese Onsen campaign is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout November 2022[1]. It is themed around Japanese onsens, otherwise known as hot springs. Despite no new furniture range being released in the catalogue for the campaign, a new room bundle was released which contained exclusive new items, and the items were made available in Builders Club under the label "Winter Japanese Onsen". There were also four new rares and a new rare item of credit furniture released.



Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Ancient Samurai Gear
Onsen Resort Yukata
Ancestral Dragon Fountain
Private Hot Spring

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign titled the Solid Gold Stag Head.

Name Image
Solid Gold Stag Head

Rare Rainbow Laser Portal

A new addition to the rare Laser Gates was the Rare Rainbow Laser Portal which was available to buy in the credit shop.

Name Image Badge
Rare Rainbow Laser Portal

Room Bundles

The following new room bundle was released during this campaign.

Meanwhile, the following bundles were re-released.