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The Lido Deck, also previously known as the Habbosphere Pool Desk, Lido Pool, Lido, or colloquially just pool, was a pool-themed Public Room. It was a 2-part room with a swimming pool, tables and chairs. The second part also included a section which led to Lido Diving. The Lido was known as one of the most popular official rooms on Habbo. A Bot placed behind the bar would hand out juice to players who asked. The diving section was a very popular place to hang out at the time. Users paid for tickets to dive (using Credits to purchase the diving tickets) after which they would go to the elevator up to the top of the diving board. Users could perform different moves while diving, and Habbo users waiting below would sometimes rate you for the pool score board. After much protest after its removal, Sulake eventually brought back the Lido into official rooms for a time. Unfortunately the diving section was removed after its return.

Pool's Closed

Pool's Closed refers to the now internet meme whereby the Habbo Lido would be raided by users, usually dressed as Afro-Americans in suits and block the entrance to the pool to spread their message. It was notably used by the group Anonymous, but was just as popular with regular players who frequented the area to meet new people.


  • Buildings recoloured green for Calippo campaign (ES, Spring 2008)
  • Bottles placed around the decks for Sunny Delight campaign
  • Recoloured furniture red for Coca-Cola campaign (