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Cat Cafe
Release date: May 2023
Available from: Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Habbo's Eco World
Next Campaign:

Cat Cafe is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout May of 2023[1]. As the name suggests, this month's campaign was set around the theme of a café where one might encounter cats. The furni partly resembles some of the Dessert Cafe and Gothic Lolita items but with a feline twist. There were also four new rares and a new rare item of credit furniture released.


Builders Club Furniture

The new range of furniture introduced during this campaign was available only as Bundle Exclusives or within the Builders Club as the Cat Cafe range.

Name Image Name Image


A series of eight cats were created for release as collectible items throughout the month.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Box Cat Boo
Lap Cat Luna
Cone Cat Carter
Jello Cat Jinx
Loaf Cat Leon
Fashionable Sphynx Fifi
Bowl Cat Barry
Wall Cat Winnie

Users who purchased all eight cats would receive a bonus cat tree furni and an additional badge to go with it.

Name Image Badge
Custom Made Cat Tree


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Cat Cafe Wait Staff Cat Cafe Wait Staff.png CCF11.gif
Ice Cream Outfit Ice Cream Outfit.png CCF12.gif
Cat Waiter Cat Waiter.png CCF13.gif
Robo Cat

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign.

Name Image
Gold Card Rug Gold Card Rug.png

RARE Green DJ Turntable

A recoloured version of the beloved Classical Rare DJ Turntable was made available to buy in the credit shop.

Name Image Badge
RARE Green DJ Turntable

Room Bundles

Two new bundles, one containing fully exclusive furni, were released during the campaign.

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.