Dragonfly Farmstead

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Dragonfly Farmstead
Release date: March 2024
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
The Last Ice Of Winter
Next Campaign:
Maude's Mini World

Dragonfly Farmstead is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout March 2024[1]. The third campaign of the year, Dragonfly Farmstead saw the release of a largescale new crafting quest, 4 new rares, 2 new LTDs , and the release of a 2 new bundles alongside a handful of re-releases.



Five new rares were released during this campaign; three of these were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Flower Wagon
Fae Wings
Wheelbarrow Bunny Bed
Comfort Bunny Plush

Obba Bobba Outfit

On March 1, in response to the well-publicised "Willy Wonka Experience" scandal[2], Habbo gave away a number of Obbah Wobbah Outfits via Twitter[3]; these outfits had previously been given as a prize in December 2023 but not released for sale.

On March 7 the outfits entered the catalogue at a price of 35 Credits and 35 Diamonds each. Although they were added to a "Rare Clothing" category, they carried a yellow (non-rare) tag. It was originally stated on Twitter that these may be re-released in the future as with all other yellow tag items, but this decision was later overturned by the team as Habbos had already made purchases based on them being rares[4]. These are therefore to be considered Rare Clothing.

On March 8, the name was changed from Obbah Wobbah Outfit to Obba Bobba Outfit - this followed an informal but fairly decisive Twitter poll[5].

Name Image Badge
Obba Bobba Outfit

Limited Edition Rares

Two Limited Edition Rares were released during this campaign, one of which was a clothing item.

Name Image Badge
Flemish Bunny Ride
Ethereal Hair


A new crackable furni was released during this campaign, the Elemental Seed. Opening these packs yields a random type of first-level seed. Second-level seeds could be obtained via crafting.

Elemental Seed
Name Image Probability
Air Seeds 25%
Earth Seeds 25%
Fire Seeds 25%
Water Seeds 25%

These seeds, when used while displaying the correct effect, would grow into fruit. All of the necessary effects were made available in the catalogue along with the crafting table.

  • Air Seeds require the HRJP-3000 effect.
  • Earth Seeds require the effect gained by standing on a Bad Side Floor Tile.
  • Fire Seeds require the Torch effect.
  • Water Seeds require the Watering Can effect.
  • Light Seeds require the All eyes are on you! effect.
  • Dark Seeds require the Azul Marino Calaca Mask effect.
  • Fairy Seeds require the Magic Wand Effect effect.
  • Rainbow Seeds require the Butterflies effect.
Air Seeds
Name Image Probability
Air Fruit 95%
Dazzling Air Fruit 5%
Earth Seeds
Name Image Probability
Earth Fruit 95%
Dazzling Earth Fruit 5%
Fire Seeds
Name Image Probability
Fire Fruit 95%
Dazzling Fire Fruit 5%
Water Seeds
Name Image Probability
Water Fruit 95%
Dazzling Water Fruit 5%
Light Seeds
Name Image Probability
Light Fruit 95%
Dazzling Light Fruit 5%
Dark Seeds
Name Image Probability
Dark Fruit 95%
Dazzling Dark Fruit 5%
Fairy Seeds
Name Image Probability
Fairy Fruit 95%
Dazzling Fairy Fruit 5%
Rainbow Seeds
Name Image Probability
Rainbow Fruit 95%
Dazzling Rainbow Fruit 5%


Utilising the plants grown through the crackable seed bags, new items were made available to craft for this campaign, including "Bunny" furni and second-level seeds that could then be crafted into the harder to obtain Bunnies.

Potting Crafting Table
Ingredients Products
Name Image Name Image
Fire Fruit (x2) + Air Fruit + + Light Seeds
Air Fruit (x2) + Water Fruit + + Dark Seeds
Water Fruit (x2) + Air Fruit + + Fairy Seeds
Air Fruit (x2) + Fire Fruit (x2) + Earth Fruit (x2) + Water Fruit (x2) + + + + + + + Rainbow Seeds
Air Fruit (x4) + + + Air Bunny
Earth Fruit (x4) + + + Earth Bunny
Fire Fruit (x4) + + + Fire Bunny
Water Fruit (x4) + + + Water Bunny
Light Fruit (x4) + + + Light Bunny
Dark Fruit (x4) + + + Dark Bunny
Fairy Fruit (x4) + + + Fairy Bunny
Rainbow Fruit (x4) + + + Rainbow Bunny
Dazzling Air Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Air Bunny
Dazzling Earth Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Earth Bunny
Dazzling Fire Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Fire Bunny
Dazzling Water Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Water Bunny
Dazzling Light Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Light Bunny
Dazzling Dark Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Dark Bunny
Dazzling Fairy Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Fairy Bunny
Dazzling Rainbow Fruit (x4) + + + Dazzling Rainbow Bunny

Room Bundles

Two new room bundle were released during this campaign.

  • Dragonfly Farm Bundle
  • Dazzling Forest Bundle

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.

Easter Gift Calendar

With the launch of this campaign came a new Easter gift calendar. Users who logged on each day would receive a free gift; this being either an item of previously released furniture, Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits or Duckets.