Chocolate Emporium

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Chocolate Emporium
Release date: December 2023
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Category: Christmas
Previous Campaign:
Habbo Constellations
Next Campaign:
January 2024

Chocolate Emporium is the campaign that took place on Habbo in December 2023[1], building up to Christmas.

With events and games making use of Obbah Wobbah-styled characters creating chocolate treats, the campaign is based loosely on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in theme and aesthetic. There were also some brand new Room Bundles released alongside the usual re-releases and revamps. Prior to the campaign going live, Habbo released a Design Blog[2] post displaying artwork for the upcoming furni and clothing as well as the intended NFT Furni to be made available.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Antique Mirror Chocolate Dispenser
Chocolate Bar Display Chocolate Truffle Display
Chocolate Wall Chocolate Snowperson
Cocoa Decor The Finest Cookware
Tray Wheeler Emporium Shelf
Emporium Display Wall Emporium Wall
Emporium Doors Emporium Cake Display
Folliage Ceiling Decor Folliage Wall Decor
Emporium Counter Teacup Seat
Macaron Stool


Simple Baking Set and Expert Baking Set crackables were released at various periods through the month, each containing a range of ingredients and a small chance (1% and 5% respectively) of granting the user a Golden Ticket.

Name Image
Simple Baking Set
Expert Baking Set


Through use of the Chocolate Crafting Table, users could create tasty treats using the Baking Set ingredients.

Those lucky enough to obtain a Golden Ticket unlocked further Crafting recipes, including the new Gold Hat Pack some new golden updates to existing Clothing items.

Chocolate Crafting Table
Ingredients Products
Name Image Name Image


Five New Rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Candyfloss Tree
Unwrap Me Ribbon
Aerial Seat
White Throne
Mythical Head Wings

Limited Edition Rares

Two Limited Edition Rares were released in December 2023, one of which was a Rare Clothing item.

Name Image Badge
Artisanal Chocolate Carousel
24K Gold Crown