Tombs of Egypt

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Tombs of Egypt
Release date: October 2023
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Autumn Fashion Shoot
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Habbo Constellations

Tombs of Egypt is the Habbo campaign that was released throughout October 2023 as that year's Habboween campaign[1]. The campaign saw the release of a new crafting system, two new Limited Edition Rares, along with new room bundles.

Along with the release of the campaign, all previous Halloween furniture lines were reintroduced into the catalogue.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Dark Sand Tomb Floor
Tomb Slab Spike Trap
Sculpture of Anubis Tomb Pillar
Tomb Wall Tomb Torch
Ancient Webs Floor Spikes
Rays of Dusty Light Stream of Sand
Desert Palm Tree Midnight Dunes
Cursed Eye of Horus Mummy Camel
Mummy Pharoah Great Sphinx


One new item of clothing was able to be purchased from the catalogue during this campaign.

Name Image
clothing_headscarf name

Furious Gods

In several Public Rooms, a mini-game was set up where users had to interact with randomly-appearing Evil Pharaoh characters, who would then drop Furious God furni in the room. Rather than being ownable pieces themselves, these publicly crackable furni would give a random prize to the first player to deplete its health bar - a method of distribution heavily abused by botters who made it near impossible for regulars users to obtain any prizes whatsoever. Eventually, the prizegiving part of this mini-game was removed, allowing players to complete the new Achievement track for banishing the Furious Gods but not receive any furni for doing so.

Name Image
Furious God


A new crafting system was also released during this campaign. A variant of the Furious God titled Raging God was released into the catalogue for various 24 hour periods throughout the month. When users banished the Raging God using the Pirate Sword effect, one of three different chests would be dropped.

Furious God
Name Image
Deathly Chest
Healer's Chest
Sun God Chest

The chests could then be opened to get one of four different jars.

Name Image Probability
Deathly Chest
Deathly Anubis Jar 25%
Deathly Duck Jar 25%
Deathly Pharaoh Jar 25%
Deathly Mummy Jar 25%
Healer's Chest
Healer's Anubis Jar 25%
Healer's Duck Jar 25%
Healer's Pharaoh Jar 25%
Healer's Mummy Jar 25%
Sun God Chest
Sun God Anubis Jar 25%
Sun God Duck Jar 25%
Sun God Pharaoh Jar 25%
Sun God Mummy Jar 25%

The jars obtained from these chests could then be used as crafting ingredients. Using the Lucky Cat crafting table, different sarcophagi and the above jars could be used to produce treasure items.

Lucky Cat Crafting Table
Ingredients Product
Name Image Name Image
Deathly Sarcophagus + Deathly Anubis Jar + Deathly Duck Jar + Deathly Pharaoh Jar + Deathly Mummy Jar + + + + Blessed Deathly Sarcophagus
Healer's Sarcophagus + Healer's Anubis Jar + Healer's Duck Jar + Healer's Pharaoh Jar + Healer's Mummy Jar + + + + Blessed Healer's Sarcophagus
Sun God Sarcophagus + Sun God Anubis Jar + Sun God Duck Jar + Sun God Pharaoh Jar + Sun God Mummy Jar + + + + Blessed Sun God Sarcophagus


Four new rares were released during this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Anubis Plush Backpack
Deathly Fountain
Mummification Table
Winged Arms
Golden Scarab

Limited Edition Rare

Two Limited Edition rares were released during this campaign; one of which was an item of clothing.

Name Image Badge
All-Powerful Pyramid Deity
Perfect Oasis

Room Bundles

The following room bundles were newly released during this campaign:

  • Tombs of Egypt Bundle
  • Desert Oasis Bundle

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.