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Habbo stars cata.png

Stars were a form of points for Habbo and they corresponded to the Footsteps of the Ancients campaign that occurred in July 2012. The Stars were one of the easiest to obtain by completing quests; the Stars were redeemed for prizes.


Name Image
Quackatoa + Badge Quackatoa.png
The Hand Of The Ancients + Badge The Hand Of The Ancients.png
Mighty Frank Statue + Badge Anc artifact3.png
Totem Torch Effect TotemTorch.png
Totem Levitating Effect TotemLevitatingEffect.png
Mummy Effect MummyEffect.png
Torch Effect Torch effect2.png
Totem Rain Effect RainTotemEffect.png
VIP Knife in the Back Effect VIPStabEffect.png
Decapitated Effect DecapitatedEffect.png

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