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Release date: January 2012
Season: N/A
Available from: Marketplace

SFX, or Sound Effects to some, were introduced to the game on 17th January 2012 and didn't stay in the catalogue for long.

SFX contain eight different pitches - this is achievable by stacking them higher within a room. When first released, Habbo informed users that they should soon be mutable like other hotels. This happened in later versions of the flash client.


At first, six SFX were released to the catalogue.

Name Image
Whistle SFX
Glass SFX
Laser SFX
Robot Voice SFX
Duck SFX
Bell SFX

A new range of SFX was added in November 2012, to coincide with the Habbo Stars campaign.

More SFX was also added to the catalogue during the Habbo Stars Campaign.

Name Image
Big Finish SFX
Drum Loop SFX
Dub Step SFX
Dub Step II SFX
Dub Step III SFX
Dubstep 3.2: Yay For Peanuts! SFX
Funky Horn SFX
Highhat Intro SFX
Hey! SFX
Pad 1 SFX
Pad 2 SFX
Pad 3 SFX
Xylophone IISFX
Xylophone SFX
Xylophone High SFX
Xylophone Pattern SFX