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Opened February 2006
Country Portugal & Latin America
Hotel Managers Morgana (current)
Website https://www.habbo.com.br/
Twitter HabboPTBR

Habbo.com.br is the Brazilian version of Habbo, primarily serving the Brazilian and Portuguese communities. It was first opened on 2nd February 2006, making it one of the newest hotels - it was also the 18th international hotel to open. The hotel is regularly highly populated and has a strong user base.

List of Staff


Current Habbo staff

  • Curasao - Country Manager
  • TheDJHabbo - Country Manager
  • Flecha - Hotel Manager
  • Acapulca - Office Manager
  • 4Queijos - Senior Site Producer
  • Disco-Lee - Assistant Site Producer
  • VanVascouto - Public Relations Assistant
  • JohnnyBuzz - Marketing Manager
  • Madeincasa - Marketing Manager
  • Ninnapix - Marketing Intern

List of previous staff

  • Mordomo (possibly an alt of Flecha)
  • MOD_Tatu (had another account named mod_tatuu)
  • MOD_Bezao
  • MOD_Moon
  • MOD_Guto
  • MOD_Brooks
  • MOD_Teela
  • MOD_Jufa
  • MOD_Mandy
  • MOD_Rico
  • MOD_Spectro
  • Reeet (Community Manager)
  • Prefeita (Community Manager)
  • Paty-Nestle (Site Producer Assistant)
  • MissFurby (Community Engagement Manager/Site Producer Assistant)
  • Sir-Lawnrence (Community Manager from 2006-2008)
  • DJapamala (Country Manager from 2006-2008)
  • titipzinha (Community Manager)


  • Cadisentro
  • DannFenixx
  • Fhurby
  • ,Jackee
  • MariTribbiany
  • mp.SP
  • Romario622SuET
  • wilvp