Club Sofa

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Club Sofa
Release date: December 2002
Habbo Club Gift
Generation: 1
Month: 1
Previous HC Club Gift:
Next HC Club Gift:
HC Plasto Set
Rare Values
Category: Habbo Club
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Club Sofa is a 2-seater sofa given out exclusive to Habbo Club members on the first month of their subscription. It was the first Habbo Club furni ever and is still a very popular furniture. Despite the Habbo Club rewards being in a rotation, it was never possible to gain a second Club sofa as it was absent from future rotations. Club Sofas used to be worth around 20 Credits, although the worth of the Club Sofa went drastically down after the Habbo Merge in 2010.

Before the physical credit furniture Club Sofas were use as a trade value, the value of Rare Furniture were based on a equality amount of the worth of Club Sofas

It was part of the now discontinued first generation Habbo Club furniture.


  • The Club Sofa was same as the Habbo Cola Machine and Habbo Cola Poster first branded as Mountain Dew furniture.
  • Club Sofas are roughly called 'Clubs' when talking about more than one sofa or 'Club' when talking about one sofa for short.